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How to Use Apple Pay on Mac?

Apple has simplified the payments for their users with Apple Pay as now you can make payment with Apple Pay just with the touch of the finger of yours. If you’re among the shopping lover and do shopping on your Mac device, then remember that Apple Pay allows you to authorize payments that are doneContinue reading “How to Use Apple Pay on Mac?”

How to Re-Add Missing Dock Icons on MacBook?

In case you are missing some items from the Dock on your Mac, then do not worry as you have come to the right place. This issue is quite common among the Mac users, and here we will present an easy solution for the situation. Here are the steps to re-add missing Dock icons onContinue reading “How to Re-Add Missing Dock Icons on MacBook?”

Apple’s Mac App Store Welcomes Microsoft Office 365

Fulfilling on its promise Apple has now welcomed Microsoft’s Office 365 to its Mac Store. This great news has made the New Year a happy one for those who are Apple loyalist, yet secretly wished for Microsoft Office. Microsoft is making its Office suite available on Apple’s Mac App Store after a short delay forContinue reading “Apple’s Mac App Store Welcomes Microsoft Office 365”

How to Use iPad as a Second Screen for Your Mac?

One of the advantages of having a small-screen laptop like Apple’s 12in MacBook or the MacBook Air is that you can easily double your screen real estate by using an iPad as a second screen. As a second monitor using an iPad is an ideal solution for those who only have access to a small-screenContinue reading “How to Use iPad as a Second Screen for Your Mac?”