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How to Set Up and Use Apple Pay on the Mac?

Apple is renowned worldwide for its reliability and efficiency alongside the sheer amount of devices it services it provides. One such service is Apple Pay, a safe and straightforward way of making payments. If you want to use the service on your Mac, then read through the blog. So, here are the steps to setContinue reading “How to Set Up and Use Apple Pay on the Mac?”

How to Download Apple TV + Shows on iPad and Mac

“Apple TV+” is an ad-free subscription service by Apple that provides on-demand Videos on Web Apple TV services. “Apple TV+” videos are viewable by using either Apple’s TV app or by navigating through the website of Apple. This streaming service provides various original content that includes numerous documentaries, movies, and shows. It offers its usersContinue reading “How to Download Apple TV + Shows on iPad and Mac”

Mac Startup Issues: Tips and Tricks to Solve Them

Mac is one of the most stable and reliable devices developed by Apple, and it is famous for being free from any issues. Most of the users have been using Mac for several years and haven’t faced any major problem in their devices. This happens because of the top-notch quality software and hardware components. Still,Continue reading “Mac Startup Issues: Tips and Tricks to Solve Them”

How to Fix Finder Issues on Mac?

Finder is with us all the time. The function of the Finder application is that it helps in searching not only apps but also documents and games fast and in a simple way. It will not be wrong to write that without it, using Mac will not be an easy task. So make it workContinue reading “How to Fix Finder Issues on Mac?”

How to Enable/Disable Pop-Up Blocker on Safari?

Majority of people know that popups windows have been used for plenty of reasons. For instance, it can be used for a banking site for displaying a canceled check. Unfortunately, plenty of popups have advertisements. But at the same time browsers do have a solution for blocking the pop ups. Apple’s Safari provides an inbuiltContinue reading “How to Enable/Disable Pop-Up Blocker on Safari?”

How to Enable AutoRecover to Get Deleted Spreadsheet Back in Excel

Don’t want to lose a document that you’ve created in hours or with collaboration? Losing a completely created spreadsheet is even worse than spending hours in making it. There are many things, which can land you into this trouble. You may lose your document because of system freeze, power outage, application crashes, etc. Possibly noContinue reading “How to Enable AutoRecover to Get Deleted Spreadsheet Back in Excel”

How to Manage Your Child’s Mac Usage with Screen Time

Screen time was first introduced in iOS devices by Apple. It is a good feature to get rid of your smartphone addiction. It helps users limit usage by setting a time limit for using the device. Since MacOS Catalina launched, we have got the Screen Time feature in the Mac too. If your kid spendsContinue reading “How to Manage Your Child’s Mac Usage with Screen Time”

How to Fix Telnet Is Not Recognized

Telnet is one of the most popular remote login protocols on the world wide web. With Telnet, you can use any other system remotely. But, many users are facing ‘Telnet is not recognized’ while they try to use the Telnet command.  If you want to fix this issue on your Windows PC or Mac, thenContinue reading “How to Fix Telnet Is Not Recognized”

How to Adjust Mouse Sensitivity in your System

With the evolution of other gadgets, the mouse has also become more advanced. Many types of the mouse are available, some with a unique design and some with amazing capabilities. Although today’s mouse has a superior sensor, mouse sensitivity settings matter too. If you have a good mouse, but it does not work as expected,Continue reading “How to Adjust Mouse Sensitivity in your System”

How to create PDF files on Mac and Windows

Basically, the PDF file is used for sharing your ideas and documents. You can easily view PDf files because Adobe Reader already comes inbuilt with  most computers. PDF files are easy to create, and completely searchable. They are easy to read on your mobile, and come with password protection also. So, here are some stepsContinue reading “How to create PDF files on Mac and Windows”