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How to Manage Your Child’s Mac Usage with Screen Time

Screen time was first introduced in iOS devices by Apple. It is a good feature to get rid of your smartphone addiction. It helps users limit usage by setting a time limit for using the device. Since MacOS Catalina launched, we have got the Screen Time feature in the Mac too. If your kid spendsContinue reading “How to Manage Your Child’s Mac Usage with Screen Time”

Tips & Tricks to Free Up iCloud Storage

Is your iCloud account almost full? Do you want to free up some space on your iCloud account? Well, Apple provides 5GB of total storage to every iCloud users, which looks like more for every iCloud users till users consider it’s per account, not per Apple device. However, it’s not that a lot of spaceContinue reading “Tips & Tricks to Free Up iCloud Storage”

How to Stop Auto-Play Music in Car Bluetooth

Every car has a feature of Bluetooth system which plays wireless through your iOS device.You can Auto-play the songs stored on your iOS device or from another music application. In case you don’t like to Auto-play the songs in your car then you can disable it with your iPhone.Most of the car speaker has aContinue reading “How to Stop Auto-Play Music in Car Bluetooth”

Complete Guide to Using AirPods as Hearing Aids

Apple is mostly the leader and forerunner when it comes to new technologies and innovation. Apple’s AirPods are one-of-its-kind devices that offer amazing sound quality and are completely wireless. But, did you know that they can also be used as hearing aids? Apple offered Live Listen for AirPods, and it enabled users to use theContinue reading “Complete Guide to Using AirPods as Hearing Aids”