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How Apple will bring 5G to iPhone 12

“5G, Rumors & Everything to Know About iPhone 12” The current iPhone lineup of Apple includes iPhone11, iPhone 11  Pro Max, and iPhone 11, but the line up doesn’t end here. Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 12, which will be the first iPhone of the company supporting 5G networking. According to some reports, the iPhone 12Continue reading “How Apple will bring 5G to iPhone 12”

Apple Might Release an iPad Keyboard with a Trackpad in 2020

According to the information, Apple is going to release an iPad keyboard which will be introduced by the company with an in-built trackpad. According to the informer familiar with the matter, the recent step of Apple could be seen as its efforts to place the tablet device as the most preferred alternative to laptop computers.Continue reading “Apple Might Release an iPad Keyboard with a Trackpad in 2020”

Coronavirus Force Facebook to Cancel its Marketing Summit

The fear of Coronovirus did not spare even Facebook, and the leading social marketer has recently cancelled its marketing summit. The summit was originally arranged for the initial week of March in San Francisco, USA. A whopping number of 4000 people from well-known tech companies were expected to join the summit. Following the significant concern,Continue reading “Coronavirus Force Facebook to Cancel its Marketing Summit”