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How to Forward the Message in WeChat

You can send a voice message on any of the chatting platforms which also includes WeChat. Most of the platforms permit you to forward the received messages. Do you want to do this on your WeChat application? Then follow the instructions mentioned in this article. Steps for sending the messages through WeChat ·      Open theContinue reading “How to Forward the Message in WeChat”

How to Quickly Transfer Your iOS Data to Android

Switching to a new mobile device could be daunting and even more so if you are switching the OS platforms as well. Well, it was all in the past as Samsung and Google have worked out a way to finish the job quickly. The feature that lets you do so easily is none other thanContinue reading “How to Quickly Transfer Your iOS Data to Android”

How to Enhance Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Battery Life Even More

The latest flagship from Samsung is one of the best Android devices available on the market. Features like AMOLED display, gesture recognition, and three rear cameras make it the peak of Android devices at the moment. Although the device already offers a decent battery backup, but if you desire even more out of it, thenContinue reading “How to Enhance Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Battery Life Even More”

Fix: Google Assistant Is Not Setting Alarm

Always remember that whenever Google Assistant is unable to set any alarm, then you have to manually add the alarm. There can be any type of issue related to the Google application that you have on your smartphone.In this blog, we will go through the process of fixing Google Assistant won’t set alarm issue. TheContinue reading “Fix: Google Assistant Is Not Setting Alarm”

Google Feature to Restrict Your Android App Addiction

Google is offering a new feature which will allow you to gain some self-discipline in regards to Android app addiction. The said feature is known as Focus Mode and was announced back in May. The feature will restrict apps from distracting you during a vital piece of work. You can set a timer for theContinue reading “Google Feature to Restrict Your Android App Addiction”

How to Connect Your Hisense Smart TV to an Android or iPhone

Hisense TV is one of the best budget TVs with high-quality graphics. It supports multiple graphics screen resolutions, including 4K, Full HD, and HD. Moreover, it also allows you to connect to your phone and view content with its screencasting function. However, this function only works with Android. Therefore, if you’re an Android user, thenContinue reading “How to Connect Your Hisense Smart TV to an Android or iPhone”

How to Easily Download Twitter Videos

If you have the right tools, you can easily download videos from Twitter. It doesn’t matter whether you use Twitter on desktop, smartphone, or tablet. For saving an image online, you need to right to right-click on it, and it’s done. This exact method works on Twitter as well though you will have to takeContinue reading “How to Easily Download Twitter Videos”

How to Decrease Data Usage on an Android Smartphone

Are you using a lot of data on your Android phone? Certain apps consume a lot of data even when you are not using them. If you do not have unlimited data option, then you might be worried about the high data usage. So, here are some tips and tricks to decrease data usage onContinue reading “How to Decrease Data Usage on an Android Smartphone”

How to Set Up Surface Headphones with Cortana in iOS and Android devices

Set up your Surface headphones with Cortana in your Device and change music with your voice while exercising or running without taking out your phone. You can also answer and make calls by asking your digital assistant, “Cortana.” For this, you just need to pair your Surface headphones with the Bluetooth of your phone andContinue reading “How to Set Up Surface Headphones with Cortana in iOS and Android devices”

How to Unblock a Facebook User on Android

Using Facebook becomes frustrating because of a few users sometimes. Blocking them is the best solution to get rid of them. Once you block someone on Facebook, he or she will not be able to add you, see your timeline, tag or invite you, and have a conversation. If you want to connect with theContinue reading “How to Unblock a Facebook User on Android”