How to Enable Alexa’s Whisper Mode?

Nowadays people have become entirely depended on technical devices for solving their queries. It is correct in some way because it saves a lot of time and energy. But there is a situation that has come across by lot people that after having a tiring day in office, they don’t have the energy to type.Continue reading “How to Enable Alexa’s Whisper Mode?”

How to ‘Turn On’ Skype Calling with Amazon Alexa App?

Good news for all Skype users, now you can get the two to team up for making Skype calling with Amazon Alexa app up to almost 150 countries around the world. Now, Microsoft has brought this Skype calling service to Alexa enabled devices which starting with the Amazon Echo range. Microsoft new service comes withContinue reading “How to ‘Turn On’ Skype Calling with Amazon Alexa App?”

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