iPad Pro 2020: Specification, Release Date Rumors

In October 2018, Apple launched iPad Pro, which was completely redesigned. They removed the headphone jack, which became a bigger issue in the consumer’s mind. However, that was compensated with the A12X processor, and removing the lightning form USB-C was like a cherry on top. This is news of the past as Apple didn’t releaseContinue reading “iPad Pro 2020: Specification, Release Date Rumors”

What is Kurio Watch and Why Buy It?

It is basically a smartwatch that is made for the younger generation. It has plenty of features such as an in-built camera for games as well as applications that kids adore. The most popular feature that made it very popular among kids is pairing the Kurio to any of the phones. For knowing about KurioContinue reading “What is Kurio Watch and Why Buy It?”

How to Use Apple Pay on Mac?

Apple has simplified the payments for their users with Apple Pay as now you can make payment with Apple Pay just with the touch of the finger of yours. If you’re among the shopping lover and do shopping on your Mac device, then remember that Apple Pay allows you to authorize payments that are doneContinue reading “How to Use Apple Pay on Mac?”

Titanium Backup Pro: Best User’s Guide

The best backup software for a smartphone Keeping a backup of your smartphone a good decision as it can help you out in several breakouts. Having a ‘Titanium Backup Pro’ is among popular ways for backing up all the valuable things. Do you want to know about Titanium Backup Pro in more depth before downloadingContinue reading “Titanium Backup Pro: Best User’s Guide”

Halo Reach: List of PC Launch Issues and Bugs

Recently, Microsoft has released the Halo Master Chief Collection for PC and it is an instant hit. In the Halo PC version, Bungie has offered lots of exciting elements and pushed to 4K graphics. However, with the impressive return to the Classic 2010 version of Halo, some gamers are facing a range of audio, graphical,Continue reading “Halo Reach: List of PC Launch Issues and Bugs”

How to View HEVC or HEIC Files in Windows 10

The HEIF or “High-Efficiency Image File Format” and HEVF “High-Efficiency Video Codec” specialization file or Video formats provide a better quality of images and video formats for Windows 10. The former deals with the picture quality over various older versions of file formats like GIF, PNG, JPEG, etc. It also works for the improvement ofContinue reading “How to View HEVC or HEIC Files in Windows 10”

How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games currently as it lets players explore 3D effects, discovering and extracting raw materials, tools and structures depending on the game mode they are playing. It also packs various exciting features like wars and taking revenge etc. Whenever a Zombie hits the villager, they turn into”Zombie Villager.” HereContinue reading “How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft”

How to Add or Delete Applications on Sony Android TV

Sony is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the world of electronic devices. It provides many smart features to its users like picture quality, display resolution and also the screen size. It also provides Android functionality on its TV. It allows you to add or remove any of the apps. It offersContinue reading “How to Add or Delete Applications on Sony Android TV”

How to Fix Error Code 1935 on Windows?

Windows 1935 error code can be triggered when a user tries to install a program but it fails because some requirements of the application cannot be completed. This error prevents a program to be installed successfully on your computer.  Due to this error code, you can’t use the software you wanted to run on yourContinue reading “How to Fix Error Code 1935 on Windows?”

Mac Startup Issues: Tips and Tricks to Solve Them

Mac is one of the most stable and reliable devices developed by Apple, and it is famous for being free from any issues. Most of the users have been using Mac for several years and haven’t faced any major problem in their devices. This happens because of the top-notch quality software and hardware components. Still,Continue reading “Mac Startup Issues: Tips and Tricks to Solve Them”

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