Complete Guide to Using AirPods as Hearing Aids

Apple is mostly the leader and forerunner when it comes to new technologies and innovation. Apple’s AirPods are one-of-its-kind devices that offer amazing sound quality and are completely wireless. But, did you know that they can also be used as hearing aids? Apple offered Live Listen for AirPods, and it enabled users to use theContinue reading “Complete Guide to Using AirPods as Hearing Aids”

Data Privacy Tips for Small Businesses in 2019

2019 is here and New Year is generally regarded as a happy and festive time. This is when employees are on leave, and IT security professionals are able to let their hair down and relax. However, before you start getting comfortable and relaxed, ensure that you have taken steps to safeguard official data on yourContinue reading “Data Privacy Tips for Small Businesses in 2019”

5 Best Weather Radar Apps for iOS 2019

Not that long ago, people had to go through the newspaper or listen to the local news on the radio to find out how the weather was going to be. Fortunately, things have become more convenient now. One can check the weather updates from their smartphones. Weather apps tell you all that is to knowContinue reading “5 Best Weather Radar Apps for iOS 2019”

How to ‘Turn On’ Skype Calling with Amazon Alexa App?

Good news for all Skype users, now you can get the two to team up for making Skype calling with Amazon Alexa app up to almost 150 countries around the world. Now, Microsoft has brought this Skype calling service to Alexa enabled devices which starting with the Amazon Echo range. Microsoft new service comes withContinue reading “How to ‘Turn On’ Skype Calling with Amazon Alexa App?”

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