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How to Use Your Ultrawide Monitor to Its Full Potential

Most of us tech junkies have used the dual monitor setup, and it was one of the most hyped and trending technology of the time. However, it was a kind of technology that was hard to understand without experiencing it personally. But have you tried the ultra-wide monitor ever? If no, then it can beContinue reading “How to Use Your Ultrawide Monitor to Its Full Potential”


How to Arrange Parental Controls on Netflix

Nowadays, Netflix is growing as a home for entertainment, considering lockdown is going on these days, the channel is becoming even more popular.  If you have children at your home, it could be pretty embarrassing when they play any adult movie accidentally on your Netflix. Especially, it could be a lot disappointing if you areContinue reading “How to Arrange Parental Controls on Netflix”


MS Excel is one of the best tools given by MS Office, but many users have reported that they are facing a continuous error on Excel. It may be caused by the specific file issue, outdated antivirus, or a turned off preview pane on File Explorer, etc. So, if you are being troubled by theContinue reading “HOW TO FIX INFORMATION RECOVERY ERROR ON EXCEL?”

How to Get Android 11 on the Pixel via the Android Flash Tool

Developer Preview of Android 11 launched by Google on 19th February with another Developer Preview on 18th March. Now Google released its 3rd Developer Preview, and it offers you to fix bugs and productivity for developers. Also, it runs on the Pixel, and you require only a USB cord. If you wish to know howContinue reading “How to Get Android 11 on the Pixel via the Android Flash Tool”

How to Fit a Table to the Page on Microsoft Word?

Tables are a very great tool for organizations of columns, rows, images, sentence layout, and basic data alignment given by Microsoft Word. If you want to know how to set the tables from the software instead of Google Sheets or Excel, then here are the instructions given below. Resize the Table The users are intendedContinue reading “How to Fit a Table to the Page on Microsoft Word?”

How to Build A Raft in Stranded Deep

The popular surviving game of Beam Team Games has finally been released for the Xbox One and PS4. After several conflicts, the game has managed to arrive to meet the anticipation and excitation of the gamers. The fascinating world of Stranded Deep allows the gamers to obtain a virtual experience of the surviving mechanism of the travellers. Thus, the gameContinue reading “How to Build A Raft in Stranded Deep”

DVD Video_TS folder files: How to Play in Windows 10

The fun of downloading movies and later watching them with no disturbance is heaven. However, it sometimes gets interruption or maybe a bit of bothering part which arrives due to the unsupported format of the downloaded file. Thus, the users who are facing similar issues after they have downloaded a video file from the internetContinue reading “DVD Video_TS folder files: How to Play in Windows 10”


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are numerous items that can be collected, but collecting items through the catalog provides a different experience in the game. Players are allowed to get the complete set of furniture and making amazing rooms not just for showing off in the HHA but also to show up the reflectionContinue reading “HOW TO CATALOG ITEMS FROM FRIENDS IN ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS”

Lost Loot Machine Location in Borderland 3

Keeping the major and minor items in the bag is important, but more important is space in the bag. If you prefer to loot a lot but don’t have space to keep them so Lost Loot Machine is right there for you to pick your valuable items. Most of the players in Borderland 3 areContinue reading “Lost Loot Machine Location in Borderland 3”


The Adobe Creative Cloud provides an excellent selection of the programs that help build 3D models, create beautiful art, and also create websites, etc. Because of some attached features that are found in the application inside the Adobe creative tools, it is one of the best applications that is supportive and available for all typesContinue reading “HOW TO DOWNLOAD ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD INTO NEW COMPUTER”