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How to Build A Raft in Stranded Deep

The popular surviving game of Beam Team Games has finally been released for the Xbox One and PS4. After several conflicts, the game has managed to arrive to meet the anticipation and excitation of the gamers. The fascinating world of Stranded Deep allows the gamers to obtain a virtual experience of the surviving mechanism of the travellers. Thus, the game offers a wide variety of regions for exploring. The players have just started playing this game and are getting acquainted with it slowly.

How to Build A Raft in Stranded Deep

Those gamers probably don’t know that the world of Stranded Deep is not limited to the desert area. There is more to experience, and one of the most popular places to visit in Stranded Deep is islands. Gamers can easily visit various islands using a raft, and in the following article, we are going to explain how to create a raft for yourself in Stranded Deep. The following process is simple and easy to accomplish, but still, it is recommended to be aware while reading the following article.

How to Make a raft in Stranded Deep

The users in the world of Stranded Deep can easily craft a raft for themselves. They need to know that there are three main steps to build it; FloorBase, and System of propulsion. Each specific step requires various options and settings to implement. The gamers need to go to the crafting menu, and there requires to choose the option of the raft.

Once the players successfully selected the choice of the raft, then they have to create a base. Once they have successfully created the base, then they have to choose the option of crafting the floor. The crafting of the floor includes five options to choose from; Plank, Corrugated, wood, clay, and Driftwood. It is highly up to the players about what material they want to choose, but we recommended them to pick wood. Once the gamers successfully selected the floor type of their subsequent raft, then they need to choose the option from propulsion.

For it, the gamers have to choose amongst the motor or the sail. As we have mentioned above, all the customization here totally relies on the preferences of the players, but we do suggest you choose the boat motor. Once the gamers successfully selected their preferred propulsion, soon after that, their raft will be created. After that, the game will show the players an option to travel to a distinctive island using their raft.

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