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DVD Video_TS folder files: How to Play in Windows 10

The fun of downloading movies and later watching them with no disturbance is heaven. However, it sometimes gets interruption or maybe a bit of bothering part which arrives due to the unsupported format of the downloaded file. Thus, the users who are facing similar issues after they have downloaded a video file from the internet can easily play the DVD Video_TS files through various methods. The users who are familiar with the working attribute of DVD Video_TS should know that it is an ordinary folder that keeps the DVD data of the downloaded movies. But do they know that its files can be easily played on Windows 10? If they don’t, then read the following blog as we are going to share four specific solutions to play DVD Video_TS files on Windows 10.

DVD Video_TS folder files- How to Play in Windows 10

1. Solution: Use Adobe Premiere Pro

The users first need to install the Adobe Premiere Pro, and once they are successfully done it. After that, the users need to run the selected video file through DVD Video_TS. The users will be allowed to watch the subsequent video easily without any interruption of unsupported format issues alongside the users can also convert the format of video. The use of Adobe Premiere Pro is quite simple, and all the users can easily avail of it. Adobe Premiere Pro allows the users a weekly trial period, and, at that time, the users can watch or convert as many videos as they can.

2. Solution: Use DVD Video Burner

The users can utilize a specific software known as DVD Video Burner, which helps to burn the DVD Video_TS into a new disc. Below we have brief out the method to get DVD Burner Software.

  1. The users need to type DVD Burner Software into the search tab of their internet browser.
  2. Once they successfully inserted it, then they need to hit the enter button.
  3. The users need to click on the homepage of DVD Burner.
  4. After that, the users have to find and click on the option of Download.
  5. Once the file gets successfully downloaded, then the users need to find it in their devices.
  6. After it is successfully located, then the users need to double-click on it to start the installation process of it.
  7. Once it is successfully installed, then the users need to input a blank DVD into their device.
  8. After that, the users need to run the application of DVD Video Burner.
  9. Once it is done, then the users need to select the DVD Video_TS through DVD Burner Video.
  10. Then, the users simply require to move the files to the blank DVD.
  11. After that, the user has to click on the Burn option.

3. Solution:  Use VLC Media Player

The users can also watch videos from DVD Video_TS on Windows 10 using another prominent software known as VLC Media Player. Below, we have discussed the Download, install, and method to use it.

  1. The users have to visit the homepage of VLC using the Web Browser of their device.
  2. Once the users successfully visited VLC’s homepage, then they need to click on the Download VLC option.
  3. After the files get successfully downloaded, then the users need to double-click on it.
  4. As soon as the users double-click on the downloaded file of VLC, soon after, the installation will be started.
  5. After that, the users have to open the application of VLC on their device.
  6. Then, the users need to go to the option of Media.
  7. After that, they have to pick the icon of Open Folder.
  8. Once it is done, then the users need to press on the Select Folder option.
  9. Then, the users need to click on the button of Play to start the video.

4. Solution: Use Winx DVD

The users can simply convert all the DVD Video_TS files into the supported video format compatible with their devices using the Winx DVD. Below we have mentioned specific steps to download, install, and use it.

  1. The users have to go to the homepage of the Winx DVD.
  2. Once they successfully accessed to it, then they have to click on the Download Now option.
  3. After that, the users have to successfully save it in their devices.
  4. Once it is successfully downloaded, then the users have to install it.
  5. They need to simple double-click on it to start the installation.
  6. Once the installation completed, then they have to open it.
  7. After that, the users need to tap on the icon of + Folder.
  8. Thereafter, they require to choose the option of MP4.
  9. Then, they need to choose the icon of Browse.
  10. Once it is done, then they need to press the Start button.
  11. The users can now play the converted files in the default media player of their device.

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