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Lost Loot Machine Location in Borderland 3

Keeping the major and minor items in the bag is important, but more important is space in the bag. If you prefer to loot a lot but don’t have space to keep them so Lost Loot Machine is right there for you to pick your valuable items. Most of the players in Borderland 3 are not familiar with the Lost Loot Machine, and you could be one of them. While collecting stuff and looting on the area and suddenly you see while gallivanting that your inventory is already full. There might be some stuff that is useful, but unfortunately, low space doesn’t let you keep that in already full inventory. If there is some valuable item, you are not able to keep because of full inventory, so don’t worry because Lost Loot Machine is there for you to keep valuable stuff.

Lost Loot Machine Location in Borderland 3

In the Sanctuary site later, when you swapped the boots on the Pandora to be more into nomadic life. Working with the Machine effortless, all you need to begin your first interaction when you are in Crew Quarter. This Machine looks giant and shapes like a big arcade machine. Eventually after that whenever you find out anything in your path will be transferred to your Lost Loot Machine automatically. You will be able to see your items more closely in the Sanctuary after you complete your mission. Well, it is really a great feature of the game through this giant Machine.

Now without any worries, you can leave cool gears behind without picking them up if in the same area of the boss. Your pocket for collecting items could be small or fill up quickly, but if you want to keep the collecting item in the flow, then you need to leave some items behind to store in the Machine. Another great thing about the Lost Loot machine is that you don’t have to keep yourself busy in picking items while killing enemies. Cleaning the cool stuff while killing enemies could take time, and in that interval, you could lead into trouble. So just on killing enemies, but on the items that left behind, you can still get them whenever you need them in the Lost Looting Machine apparently. You need to keep checking the Machine when you are done, and then you can claim things that filled up over the interval of time.

Now you already know that you can achieve things even without picking them or while not having storage in your inventory in a properly organized way. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pick anything at all, just check the necessary thing that you regularly use like guns and love. Keeping your looting scenario way more organized and easier in Borderland 3 really great and features like these could be a major part of games too. Hopefully, in Borderland 3, you will get much more amazing content features in the future because this one feature is quite helpful at all.



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