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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are numerous items that can be collected, but collecting items through the catalog provides a different experience in the game. Players are allowed to get the complete set of furniture and making amazing rooms not just for showing off in the HHA but also to show up the reflection of players individually. Finding a variety of furniture could be a tough thing, and on every island, you can find a new color of items that can make your house completely amazing. Finding a fully furnished furniture set could be tough, but if your friends invite you on their island, they can present their items with you.


With the help of the catalog, finding furniture and other items can be easy. Simple, if you see the items in the catalog, you don’t have to access everything on the island; you can easily choose the items from the catalog on your list. Added items you can order whenever you want. It can easily complete your furniture set through the display items. It can enhance your HHA score if your house looks amazing from the inside, and finding items through the catalog makes it easier.

Catalog Items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The catalog of players can be accessed single time, but if Nook Cranny tent has upgraded to the building, it can enhance the accessing. Catalog party could be an interesting thing in the game. It is because, through the catalog, you can get some uncommon things that are not easily visible on the island. With the help of the catalog, you can select items and can purchase them whenever you want. You can find some pointless items in the catalog, but it is not mandatory to add them to your list if you don’t like them. You can find the same items as well in the catalog, but it could be in different colors or designs. In a similar way, you can numerous items in the catalog that you can add in if you like them and keep them in your house.

Some items that made through DIY recipes don’t require any type of catalog. To get the DIY items, you need to create them, because they are not available in the catalog. You can also not order those things that are not available on the Nook shop catalog. It is true that the catalog can help in finding and getting, but there are some items that can only be available through making. The only thing that players cannot modify is items from the catalog. If there is an antique color of furniture available, so players cannot change it in any other color.

How to Catalog an Item

The procedure of adding the items in the catalog is very easy. Get the inventory either through visiting the friend’s island or could be creating the list. There you need to talk with friends and look for the items that you are looking for. You can get many items of your choice from your friends. You can pin down the item from your friend’s items list. You simply choose the item from the list of your friends. You can place the same item instantly through your friend’s island. You will add the item in the catalog after selecting it, and after getting into your island, you can simply use it. If you look for the Nook Mile or DIY item, you will not find those. However, choosing the items from the catalog is the easiest way to complete the furniture set with new colors.



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