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Patreon Lays Off 13 Percent of Its Staff

The famous membership platform, Patreon has reduced its staff according to a report of TechCrunch. In the subsequent report, TechCrunch has mentioned that almost 13% employees of Patreon has been laid off due to the ongoing pandemic.

While being interviewed, Patreon came forward and stated that a huge reduction in the economy has enforced them to lay off our 13% employees for the sustainability of the company. Although, the spokesperson of Patreon specifically mentioned the fact that their membership platform has gained a 60% enhancement in its income after the month of February, he also added that they have lost numerous subscribers. They blamed the outbreak and said that their initiative of reducing the employees is just for the benefits of the company as it is predicted that a heavy reduction is ceased to arrive in the world economy.

Patreon Lays Off 13 Percent of Its Staff

Although, there are nearly 200 employees working in Patreon right now and out of which 13% is equal to 30 employees. In reference to this context while asked by an interviewer, the CEO of Kickstarter stated that right now several big conglomerates are facing financial crisis. Thus, it is quite natural that their company will also face it. He added that they are up to layoffs and soon they are going to discuss it to make it company’s mutual consent.

The company CEO, MR. Aziz Hasan has issued a specific memo regarding their layoffs initiave to implement their decision officially. Here what they write in the certain memo: From last six weeks, our company has attained an enormous growth in its business which is equivalent to 60%. In March only, the company has obtained more than 50,000 new creators but still due to on-going circumstances of the world, we are forced to laid off our employees.

In the subsequent time which is no doubt quite challenging, we are helping the creators to handle their start-ups and creative business. We are making sure to all our customers and users that we are going to support them until we can. The reason behind our all of a sudden decisive is the amid pandemic which has causes a huge reduction in the economy. Thus, to save the future of our company, we are reducing our staff. We are also looking upon to implement new strategies and innovative to increase the working ability of our company.

The layoffs among our best staff has been done on the basis of their performances, work necessity and working shift. We hope that soon the situation of the world gets back to normal and Patreon began to resurrect again.

The initiative led by Patreon has triggered the minds of various conglomerates of the world. As the amid pandemic has leads to a heavy loss in the world economy. Several companies are ceased to eradicate soon due to huge financial loss. Thus, the initiative of layoffs will definitely going to become a temporary pursuit of most of the company and Patreon has become its founder for now.

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