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Bleeding Edge: How to Get and Change Skins

Bleeding Edge is the right game for those players who prefer to play melee combat games. Bleeding Edge is a unique battle game developed by Ninja Theory. Characters, skills, and techniques, and their total stats are part of the amazing concept of the game. Well, it is difficult to master techniques and combinations of combos, but if you learn them, your winning chances in the game will enhance greatly. There are some fancy skins available in the game that most of the players are looking to get. With skins and emotes, the characters look unique while fighting. These skins can be applied after unlocking, and here is the guide to unlock the skins and apply them.

Bleeding Edge: How to Get and Change Skins

How to Get Skins in Bleeding Edge

In the game, currencies are categorized in two forms, which are in cent symbol of orange color, and another is mod points which are in blue color indicated in gear symbol. In the game, there are no ways to get currency from outside, and that is why you need to get it through playing and winning matches, which is not a hard thing. While playing the matches, you will rank up your character, and enhanced overall points will provide currency. Every completed level will reward some bonus points. If you complete some achievements in the game, then your earning of rewards like top healings and MVP will be unlocked too. You can earn credit points from 20 to 100, which totally depends on your performance on the field with opponents. For getting the skins, you need to have at least 2000 points, and if you haven’t made this much, then keep playing and earn a sufficient amount of points.

Change Skins in Bleeding Edge

After you get enough amount of skins in the game, you can change them as you want. To do that, you need to access the workshop menu of the game. In the menu workshop, you will see the characters with the items that you have unlocked. There are several items and features available that you can access. Among those features, according to Mods are the first, Boards are the second, Emotes are third, Skins are fourth, and a character size with bio will be fifth, which is the last one. In the skins menu, you will every skins that are unlocked. You can see your character by changing their angle or rotating them to see the skin perfectly. If necessary, you can switch between emotes and skins also.

For every skin, you will need at least 2000 points however at the beginning of the game you will have two-three extra skins already. if you want to have a huge collection of skins, then you need to play matches on a regular basis and collect points as much as possible to get your favorite and expensive skin. Apart from the skins, emotes require many numbers of credits, so be careful whenever you purchase anything in that.

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