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How to Activate Solver Add-in If It Isn’t Working in MS Excel

The solver add-in in Microsoft is integral, so we know the frustration of the user who is facing issue with the tool.  In the previous version of Microsoft Excel, folks had to solve any errors manually by installing solver, but in the new version, the workaround has been modified.

It is also seen that when the user hasn’t updated Excel from the old version, they encounter more issues. In this article we will teach you how you can fix the issue that your active solver add-in not working in Microsoft Excel. To commence using the features, visit Insert and then tap on Add-ins. Thereafter, you need to hit Get Add-ins and then search if the Solver is outdated.

How to Activate Solver Add-in If It Isn’t Working in MS Excel

In the new version of Microsoft Excel, Solver comes pre-installed. You only need to activate it and then follow the given procedure.

1) Activating Solver Add-In

Here is how you can easily activate the add-in:

  1. Launch the Excel sheet.
  2. Move to the file, then tap on Option.
  3. Here you need to move on the Add-ins option and then tap on the Manage box.
  4. Then you need to choose Excel add-ins.
  5. Now you need to trap on “Do to the move on” in the next Option.

2) Choose Solver Add-in

Here is how you can choose the preferred add-in:

  1. Now you can view a box that appears and says Add-ins Available. You merely need to choose Solver Add-in checkbox and then tap on “OK” to finish the task.
  2. Now you need to wait until the Solver is loaded.
  3. Now you can find the Analysis group through the data option.

3) What to do if Add-ins not located in Microsoft Excel

Here are the steps on how to fix Add-ins is not situated in Microsoft Excel:

  1. Choose the browser to find then it on your operating system or PC.
  2. If you got promoted to the solver-Add-in and then saw current installed on your computer.
  3. You will be prompted then tap on Yes to install on it.

Conclusion: In the above article, we have mentioned three simple methods to fix the issue when users cannot activate the solver add-in on their MS Excel. We hope you will find the resolution of your problem, and this article will help in the favor fix your issue.

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