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How to Get Help from Google to Find & Connect with Virtual Healthcare

Due to the ongoing health emergency all across the world, it has become difficult for people to fetch the essential health services. Even most of the crucial functions are going virtual for preventing prolonged exposure along with accommodating their service to the needs of everyone. Amidst all such global health chaos, the search giant Google has started rolling out a search options form, making the remote healthcare accessible to the people. The two new features rolled out by Google will be added to Google Maps and the search results. The two new features will help the people who are seeking health facilities by connecting themselves to the virtual sources of healthcare, including hospitals, local healthcare professionals, or even national health services. For example, if someone is searching for doctors or hospitals, then the people will see a link “Get Online Care” on Google Maps and explore options. The person can click on the link and get the virtual healthcare consultation from the participating healthcare providers. The person can also schedule a virtual visit to the healthcare provider.

How to Get Help from Google to Find & Connect with Virtual Healthcare

According to a blog post by the company, it has been said that the company has been developing such features to help the people who have been adversely affected by the ongoing health emergency. Also, it will equally help the healthcare providers whose operating hours and policies of walk-in visits to the people have been disturbed with the current situation. The company has said that the new features will be first introduced in the USA, showing the availability of a wide range of platforms of virtual care. The introduction of new features enabling virtual healthcare will help many healthcare and medical professionals to offer their services to the people. Now, more and more medical professionals, including mental health professionals, will add themselves to their profiles of Google My Business.

Finding the Virtual Care options Through Google

There is still some time left for rolling out the new features which will take place in a few weeks, and then only the users could know about the remaining features still not visible. However, at the moment, the search is quite easy for the people who want to use the features. Google has asked the people or the healthcare facilitators for sharing and updating their information on their profiles of Google My business. It will further help the people seeking health care facilities to get in touch with you virtually in times of need. When the users click on the link to get online care, it will direct the users to the website of the healthcare provider, ultimately helping the users scheduling a virtual health-related visit. However, all local healthcare providers may not get the option of the virtual medical appointment, but they should mention the information regarding their next step.

In case if some healthcare providers are not able to provide a virtual visit, then they could connect their patience using Google Meet. The users will need to search for urgent care or immediate care for getting virtual platforms of healthcare on Google Search. When the users click on the options of critical care, they will be provided the information regarding the required virtual healthcare providers in the section “Online Care.” The users will get access to all information regarding the healthcare providers, including their phone numbers, availability time, links to the healthcare provider’s web pages and Google Maps showing the location of the healthcare facilitator. Moreover, the users can enlarge Google Maps for getting a better idea of the healthcare facilitators residing in the area or somewhere farther away. Also, Google features may help the users to get an idea about the price for the transaction paid for the virtual health services.

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