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Google Will Reduce Nest Camera Quality to Help Ease the Strain on Broadband Networks

Google is about to adjust the video quality captured through Nest Security Camera. Google has taken the initiative to reduce the strain on the shoulders of broadband networks. The company has proclaimed about subsequent changes through a blog in which they stated that the on-going circumstances in the world lead everyone to dwell at their homes. This increases the growth in the usage of the Internet, thus the strain on broadband networks is too heavy nowadays. Similar to other entertainment providers, they are also reducing the Nest Security Camera’s video quality which will definitely going to favor in less internet usage.

Google Will Reduce Nest Camera Quality to Help Ease the Strain on Broadband Networks

They also added that the following changes will be implemented in couple of days. We do believe that our initiative will help broadband networks to provide Internet to everybody without taking a load. However, before Google, one of the users of the Nest has proclaimed about the subsequent news through his Twitter handle. In his statement, he said that yesterday he received a message from Google regarding his Nest account in which Google announced that they are reducing the video quality of Nest security cameras to overcome the excessive usage of the Internet nowadays.

The changes will be going to affect mainly the clients of Nest in the USA. As most of the clients of Nest are from the USA, and the broadband network issues are also coming from significant parts of the USA. So, the customers of Nest who are living in the USA and enjoying a high-quality video experience on Nest will soon face a reduction in the quality of the video as it will be adjusted automatically to default by Google.

Although Google also said that the customers who are facing a lot of quality reduction could fix the issue through settings. It will fix the problem, but still, the quality of the video will set up to default. In their statement, Google added in the last that the video quality of the Nest would soon get back to normal once the broadband networks issue resolved. They are incredibly apologetic for the inconvenience; thus, the video quality will quickly be adjusted back to high from default.

Besides, the adjust in video quality, there are various other features also included and altered by Google in the Nest. The major one is Chromecast, Ambient Mode that is sort of slideshows through Nest displays and Cast devices.

However, this is the second time when Google is helping the broadband networks to overcome the strain on their shoulders. As previously, they have set the video quality of Youtube to default, and later, their initiative induced other ventures such as Netflix, Apple, and Amazon to reduce the video quality of their services. Sony has also come forward towards the subsequent cause and, thus, reduced downloading speed on the networks of PlayStation.

The current situation of the world is getting worst day by day due to amid pandemic. Thus, the initiative of Google, along with other prominent marketers to reduce the internet strain through their services, is outstanding. The customers who are not happy with the subsequent initiative should understand the reason behind it, and for instance, they should also support this cause.

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