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How to Watch or Cast Quibi Shows on Smartphone

Apart from long streaming shows on Disney, HBO, Peacock, and Disney Plus, Quibi is the latest video streaming platform headquartered in America. The application quickly provides very short episodes. Instead of regular streaming shows of one or two hour movies, or TV episodes, contents, or series, Quibi delivers its contents for mobile devices on two forms, vertical or horizontal.

How to Watch or Cast Quibi Shows on Smartphone

Quibi works very efficiently as other applications in the market of digital communications. The initiative of Quibi for its smartphone-based short shows and movies will help it to go higher in the quick success of short plays and shows. In this application, users able to move from one mode to another in the same video. It offers very little chapters of at least 10 minutes or less. These Quibi contents known as “Quick bites.”

  • Subscription Plan of Quibi

The Quibi delivers its services in two different subscription plans: the first one takes the fee of dollar 4.99/month with some of the ads. Subscription fee with dollar 7.99/month without ads is the second plan.

Quibi offers a free trial offer of Quibi’s bites for 90 days, which Signs Up on just before the ending of April.

  • Availability of Quibi

Quibi is available in the states of Canada and the United States. The company is planning to extend its features to other countries too shortly.

  • Devices Compatibility for Quibi

Quibi is only designed for handheld devices and can be run on both iOS and Android-based Operating Systems. No other platforms such as tablets, Windows, and Mac are strictly prohibited from running this application.

  • The Length of Quibi Shows

Quibi based movies and shows are very small and quick in contrast to traditional movies or show streams on TV or other machines. The duration of each show of Quibi is only ten minutes, as we can say that a movie is converted into small fragments of ten minutes trailer. The viewing experience of Quibi is very interesting, and it provides a dynamic video and sound quality in a shorter package.

  • The Rotating Feature of Quibi

The application offers various dynamic features, and one of the most popular for which it is known is the revolving feature that can be adjusted in both vertical and horizontal modes. Apart from the traditional TV shows appears only in the vertical videos or shows or other video streams on TikTok or Instagram. It provides compatibility to its users for giving a relaxing feel as per their comfort and need.

 Quibi streams two different videos at the same time on a single device; rotating the device helps the users to switch between the two modes: landscape and vertical. Users are allowed to stream Quibi videos seamlessly without any hindrances. These videos will use 20 percent extra data from traditional videos in a single move.

Note: If you have turned the rotation Off on your device, the switch feature won’t work on the device that you wish to operate.

There is no accessibility to use more profile accounts on a single device. Quibi supposed to provide a particular account for a single user. So, keep in mind if you are going to use the same Quibi account for various profiles.

  • Shows on Quibi

There are numbers of movies, scripted films, reality shows, and daily news that are available from April 6, 2020, on Quibi. A bunch of four “lighthouse” shows available on Quibi is:

  • The Most Dangerous Game
  • Survive
  • Flipped
  • When the Streetlights Go On

There are also nineteen unscripted series for the launching, including one of the most popular “Murder House Flip,” “Chance the Rapper’s new take on Punk’d,” etc.

The Quibi’s daily news show is Daily’s Essential that is updated on a daily basis some at noon of ET while some at 6:30 AM of ET. It provides updated and fresh data for its users.

  • Sharing Quibi

Quibi can be shared with friends and relatives, but there is a restriction of using the Quibi account. Only one person can watch Quibi shows and movies at a time.

  • Offline Viewing Quibi Shows and Contents

Yes, of course, Quibi’s content can be downloaded for offline viewing. If you are not compatible at a particular time for online streaming, Quibi can also be watched in offline mode with downloaded shows and movies. It provides the ability for both the orientations: vertical and horizontal. One can use both the modes as per the accessibility and comfort.

  • Signing Up to Quibi Account

For getting complete access to Quibi’s shows and movies, one has to get signed in to Quibi account. To do so, pursue these guidelines:

  • First of all, visit the website and then opt for the free trial. The Free Trial will be of 90 days.
  • Then, install the application therefor iOS and Android gadgets to watch seamless contents.

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