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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Obtain Shark Mount

Final Fantasy XIV is full of several types of creatures that players have to discover throughout the game. Among several types of location and creature, there are mounts, monsters, and other hidden things are around the iconic world of the Final Fantasy XIV. This edition Final Fantasy XIV is the only edition that can play online, whereas all other series numbers can be played offline as well. The iconic Final Fantasy 7 edition and the Final Fantasy 10 both can be played offline in the solo player. Every edition of the game maintains a different experience, which represents how iconic are these games are. Final Fantasy XIV grant players to make their own backstory in the game though magic abilities and also can make their own customized character as well.

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Obtain Shark Mount

Mounts are the best way to travel faster in the world. There is a shark mount available that players have to unlock, but before that, players have to complete level 20 mission “A Hero In The Making” that allows the players to utilize the Chocobo for the beginners. The Chocobo allocate the players to zoom through into the world better and faster as compared to running. They can also replace their mounts, but the best mount of the game is shark mount that can only earned through fishing. For unlocking shark mount, here are the guide in the Final Fantasy XIV.

Find Shark Mount in the Final Fantasy XIV

For unlocking shark mount, firstly, players have to achieve points above 10,000 on the ocean fishing journey. But unlocking this trip is also not easy because it requires at least level on 60, and then players can take part in this tough trip. To make the trip quite easy, players can also play with friends, and it will provide some bonus point s too. Playing along with other players  is not restricted, and it is the best way to achieve more points than 10,000. In the ocean, trip players have to do some objectives at the time of fishing. During Spectral Current rarer fish could provide extra points. Try to get at least 5500 points at the end of the trip, and bonus rewards will get more than 10,000, and then it will be easy to get shark mount. Shark mount is the fastest traveler that can take players anywhere faster than any object in game. Getting it is not tough is players know the right procedure for obtaining it.

Trip in the ocean and finding fishes is a realistic and interesting task that players love to do. Just because Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG game, it provides several types of experiences, and among entire, playing with friends is the best one. Just because it is an online game, new content and tasks rapidly added to the game to keep the players engaged in the challenges. The number features for  new content and massive amounts of unlockable items in Final Fantasy XIV are available, and that can only be unlocked if players complete the tasks and challenges that keep releases.

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