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Final Fantasy 7 Guide: How to Upgrade the Weapons

“Guide to Upgrading Weapons in Final Fantasy 7”

Final Fantasy 7 remake is finally here, and it broke many records in the category of best RPG games. In the game, deadly monsters and ultimate weapons available in which buster sword is included. Cloud and his teammates have several weapons to defeat every opponent. Upgrading these weapons are necessary, and that is why there are some requirements that can make it possible. The biggest thing in Final Fantasy 7 remake is growing strong and enhancing and acquiring skills. Every weapon has different skills and abilities, and that is it is necessary to upgrade them when moving to a higher level of the game. Well, it takes time to upgrade the weapons, but you can try some smart way to upgrade them faster.

Final Fantasy 7 Guide: How to Upgrade the Weapons

Skill Points of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Skills points are the essential thing of weapons. With the skills points, weapons cannot gain much power over time. It is necessary to upgrade the weapons, and that is why it is also necessary to have the skill points for upgrading. So in order to level up faster, the best thing to have is skill points. You can have skill points though Moogle medals, and from these medals, you can buy skill points, and Moogle medals will be back to the Moogle Emporium.

Quick XP process in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

To enhance the level in the game, it is important to get the points through killing the high XP level of enemies. Best thing is to complete the main quest mission and side missions to get the XP faster. In chapter four, before the Shinra warehouse, there is a total of three robots available, and this combat will result up with some XP. It is not the best way to get the XP, but later on, you can get to the HQ of Shinra and do a combat simulator there to gain more points. Shinra location is one of the best areas to get the ability and skills points. In the challenge of the simulator, you need to challenge the third-person team that will reward you XP to boost you and other items.

Strategy of Upgrading Weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

 Upgrading everything is important, but there is one thing that you can see as a bonus. You can choose anything you want to upgrade. As per your requirement, you can upgrade those things that will be helpful for you more. Since if you are looking to make strong your attacks, then you can level up your attacking abilities first, and if you want to make your defense strong, then you can level them too. Cloud uses magic power, and that is why you need to upgrade what is essential. If you play balanced in this field, then it could take time to upgrade everything. So first level up those things that will make your path easier.

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