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Persona 5 Royal: Location of All Will Seed

Persona 5 Royal is the most defined experience game that ever released with amazing new elements, storyline, characters abilities, and phantom thief. It has collaborated with several new locations to find new items in the given places. The original version of the game is over 100 hours and takes the game to a new level of entertainment. There are several things that players have to do, but finding the location of every Will Seed is a major part of the game that players have to follow. The storyline of Persona 5 Royal is quite emphasizing, and players have to make their choices in the game to make better relationships with other characters of the game. Persona 5 Royal is one of the best versions of the game that players should try.

Persona 5 Royal: Location of All Will Seed

Will Seed are the collectible item in the game that players have to find. Among several things like characters, thieves, and other things, the vital thing is places that players have to find. In the game, Kamoshida sees himself as the king of the school who can do anything to other students. Players have to find to steal the treasure. It will cause the host, and his heart will change to confess about every crime that he has done. In the game there are three Will Seeds are available in different locations. Finding those Will Seeds provide some unique accessories. And now, here are the locations where players can find the Will Seeds.

Locations of Will Seeds In Persona 5 Royal

In the game, there are several locations are available where players can find the Will Seed; however, some of the most important locations are the following:

Kamoshida’s Palace Will Seed 1 – Measure the tower outside and use the grappling hook. Reaching, there will be visible a wooden crate in the room. Again go outside and employ the hook to get back to the head of the tower to get the Will Seed.

Kamoshida’s Palace Will Seed 2 – Just after entering the lower level of the elevator, you will be on the room of two pathways. Go forward to the portrait of the Kamoshida portrait and then go for open the gate. In the last, get back to the path where you came, and then the elevator will lead you to the last Will Seed.

Madarame’s Palace Will Seed 1 – Reach to the second-floor exhibition room. There you will see the balcony between the two rooms and in one player have to utilize the hook. It will lead to the Will Seed.

Madarame’s Palace Will Seed 2 – another Will Seed is in the treasure all gallery, and it’s a new location in the game. Get to the corner side and use the hook to open the door, and Will Seed will be yours.

Kaneshiro’s Palace Will Seed 1 – It is a Banker Passageway. You will find two staircases. Go through the hallway and reach the dead end. Now find the grappling hook and find Will Seed with it.

Kaneshiro’s Palace Will Seed 2 – Another Will Seed in the office of Laundering corridor. There is a vent for entering, just follow the path and reach to the location where you will find the hook that will use for finding the Will Seed.

Futaba’s Palace Will Seed 1 – Will Seed will be visible the wall break in Chamber of Rejection. Go forward to the room along with treasure chest. Then jump on the sarcophagus and keep walking until reach the room with Will Seed.

Futaba’s Palace Will Seed 2 – In the chamber of the sanctuary, move forward to the floating platform to another platform room. Keep doing it until you reach to wooden beam that players area to kick. Keep doing it to reach the location of the hook and then get to Will Seed.

Okumura’s Palace Will Seed 1 – In the Facility Pathway, the Ring Room. There is an area of grappling, just follow it, and Will Seed will get near.

Okumura’s Palace Will Seed 2 – At the safe room on the left export line, there is a ramp available for grappling the point to get the Will Seed.

Nijima’s Palace Will Seed 1 – The nearest area of corridor room, jump from the obstacles and keep going ahead to the locked door. Unlock it and search the Will Seed.

Nijima’s Palace Will Seed 2 – Into the Slot room, go across the corridor and turn left and then go upstairs to employees’ area. After doing it, jump from the obstacles and get to the cardboard box. There use the grapple hook for finding the Will Seed.

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