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Resident Evil 3: How to Avoid Nemesis While Playing

Nemesis is one of the deadliest enemy in Resident Evil 3, and running away from his claws is not that easy. Capcom made Resident Evil 3 remake, which is another super-hit game just like Resident Evil 2. In the Resident Evil 3, there are several new things added with a new much bigger map of Raccoon City. With weapons, mechanical items Resident Evil 3 is setting new records to similar games. Survival in Resident Evil 3 isn’t an easy thing, but with the right guidance, you can progress this survival action horror game.

Resident Evil 3: How to Avoid Nemesis While Playing

Without any doubt, Nemesis is one of the most advanced enemies in the game, and in Resident Evil 3, he is way too improved and comes with several deadly weapons and skills. The improvements in weapon and way of looking and guessing the movement of the enemymake things difficult for players. In the game, avoiding Mr. X was not that tough, but Nemesis is not that easy. Avoiding him is not possible, but you can keep a specific distance from him. Any weapon attack or bomb does not make the difference, but you can try with stun grenade to get some extra time to escape. It will not be helpful in every place, and that is why you need to do new planning every time.

How to Avoid from Nemesis

Nemesis is harder to avoid, and there is no doubt that it could take several tries to make your escape possible. He is equipped with long-range attacks with great speed while walking. Even the close attacks are very deadly, and his presence in the field will not let anything happen in your favor easily. Unlike the Mr. X, Nemesis with not gives a narrow time to go anywhere. His far distance swing attacks will lead him to you in no time. In that condition, you have to do is dodge when he moves forward to you. If you manage to dodge some of the attacks of his perfectly, so you can make yourself come out from the danger. His attacks can harm himself if you dodge those attacks, and that will create some space between you and him that will be your advantage.

If you try to run away without any attacks, then his weapon and gun will shoot you to death; however, you need to run in a fickle way so his attacks won’t hurt you. You need to focus on defending yourself instead of focusing on attacks because your attacks will not hurt you the way his attacks hurt him. You need to be ready to run and dodge whenever he attack you because that is the right time for escaping.

You can also use your bullets to make your escape way open, but only if your bullets affect him. It will help you to keep going. Every time you stuck in a situation like this, this procedure will be valuable. It could take a long time because of its lengthy procedure, but in this, your chances of getting hurt or death is less.

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