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How to Fix “WinWord.exe” Application Error Message

Microsoft World is one of the most reliable text editing applications around the globe. It used to design and draft various documents, files, and Word documents. It is the part of MS Office Suite that works globally for various purposes. It is suitable for offices, corporate sectors, and other institutions used to create numerous data and content files.

Users who face the error issue with this application annoy with it’s an executable file that is “WinWord.exe.” If you are also facing this issue, then abide the under provided procedures to fix this issue:

Reasons for Arising “Winword.exe” Error on Windows 10

This error usually arises on the device when we want to launch Microsoft Word that is listed inside the Task Manager. Various applications such as MS Office, MS Outlook also rely on this application.

Microsoft Word error can occur on any edition of the Microsoft Office suite. It restricts the user to run and use the program smoothly. There are multiple reasons of arising this error code:

  1. Antivirus: This error can cause by the effect of malicious elements that directly harms your data running on any of the versions that you are using. In this case, it is recommended to deactivate the antivirus and then reinstall the genuine one.
  2. Winword.exe crashes “wwlib.dll”: In some cases, users face the DLL error, and this causes your data to crash. If you want to troubleshoot the issue, it is requested to reinstall or fix the Microsoft Office installation error.
  3. Runtime Error: The error is also caused due to missed or failure updates. You have to detect the update, and if any found, then update to the latest edition instantly on your device.

Follow these guidelines to troubleshoot the Winword.exe issue:

Scan the Device via Registry Scanning

If registries are corrupted, then you have to make it repaired with the scanning process and then fix the issue. Pursue these guidelines to do the same:

  • First of all, you have to install a reliable installer, for example, “CCleaner.”
  • After that, run the Installer for adding the software to your Windows.
  • Next, press the Registry tab there. It is located in the left-hand section of your window screen.
  • Then, choose all the mark-boxes related to the Registry Cleaners. It will provide you the enhanced scanning process.
  • Hit the option “Scan For Issues” to run the registry scanning.
  • After that, choose all the registry issues from the listing on your Windows.
  • Tap on the tab “Fix Selected Issues” to troubleshoot registry scanning.

Note: You can also use a third-party application to clean your registry entries.

Running SFC Scanning

System File corruption is a major cause behind the issue of “winword.exe” error while trying to launch the Word document. If that’s the case, continue and follow all the guidelines with great care:

  • First and foremost, hit the Window and X hotkeys to launch the menu related to Window + X.
  • After that, choose the option “Command Prompt.”
  • Then, provide all the admin rights.
  • Then, select the PowerShell option.  Also, permit the system to access admin rights.
  • Once the Command Prompt window appears, enter the path “SFC/scannow” into the Command section and hit the Enter key to proceed.
  • After a while, the process of SFC scanning will launch and start scanning. It may take ten to fifteen minutes in this process.  Therefore, don’t hesitate about the process. Once it finishes, close the Window that is expanded in front of you.

Using DISM File Scanning

In case, the above procedure fails to fix the issue; it is instructed to follow this method to perform DISM Scanning on your device:

  • In the beginning, hit the Window logo and R button. After a while, you will see a new window related to Command Prompt.
  • Then, give the application full admin controls.
  • After that, type the command “DISM/_Online_ Cleanup_Image_//Restore_Health” and hit the Enter key.
  • Then, the scan will initiate its function. After a while, you will find errors, and the tool fixes the issue after the complete scanning process. It might take up to twenty minutes.
  • Finally, check that the issue is resolved successfully. You may repeat the scanning process if required.

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