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4.7-inch iPhone SE Name Revealed in Apple Store Leaks

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is all set to announce its upcoming 4.7 inch iPhone, which could be referred to as iPhone SE. The news regarding the launch of the new iPhone SE was revealed when a Belkin screen protector became live on the Apple showing the listing of some products, including iPhone SE along with iPhone 8 and 7. Apart from the revelation that the screen protector if working with all three smartphones is indicating about the 4.7 inches measures of iPhone SE. Earlier, iPhone SE was featured with a 4-inch screen, which was very small. However, the product listing has not revealed anything else about the iPhone SE, which has been in rumors for a very long time except its screen size. According to some previous reports, it was hinted that the original iPhone would appear with an A13 processor and 3GB Ram along with either storage of 64GB, 256GB, or 64GB apart from featuring the screen of 4.7 inches.

4.7-inch iPhone SE Name Revealed in Apple Store Leaks

Moreover, it has been expected that the rumored iPhone could adopt the look similar to that of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. IPhone SE may also have a Home button and a classic ID sensor Touch; however, the price of the phone is not very much evident in Canada. It is rumored that the cost of iPhone SE may remain around USD 399 in the United States. Meanwhile, according to 9to5 Mac, the listing price for$49 CAD USD of Belkin Glass Ultra Screen Protector at the time of publication was still active at the online store of Apple in both Canada and the USA. According to the reports of 9to5, it is rumored that the new iPhone SE may be launched in Black, White, and Product Red. However, there is a lot of possibilities that it could be listing mistake from Apple store, but the chances for such error is very less. It is also worthwhile to note that according to some previous news, it was rumored that Apple is working and could launch an entry-level phone with a screen of 5.5 inches. If there is even a bit of truth in the current news, then it means that Apple is working on two entry-level iPhones and launch the two iPhones very soon. Earlier, it was also rumored that the upcoming 4.7 inches iPhone of Apple would be referred to as iPhone SE2 and iPhone 9.

Apart from all, may other analysts of the supply chain were so excited about the long-rumored iPhone of Apple that they even gleaned several hardware details of the upcoming iPhone ahead of time. However, it is difficult for any supply chain analysts to glean any correct information, and there is little chance that their predictions could come true. Apple took enough steps to remain the news secret and involved very few people in sharing the information about the new upcoming phone. Meanwhile, the people and industry experts are very excited to see the release of the new iPhone, and it seems Apple will end the waiting time of its users in just a few days.

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