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How to Get Free Diamonds in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Diamonds hold the position of premium currency in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, and not only that, it is the only currency that could be used by the fans for pulling on the gacha to get new more heroes. Diamonds matter a lot in the game, and if the players will keep spending on buying the Diamonds, then, of course, Netmarble is not going to mind at all. However, several methods could help you to get the Diamonds for free in the game. But before going through the tips of getting Diamonds for free, it becomes imperative for the users to know about the use of Diamonds.

How to Get Free Diamonds in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The use of Diamonds in the game

The users can buy anything essential for them in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross by using the Diamonds. They will need to follow just some simple tips, which includes clicking at the icon of Shop as the first step. The users can find the shop icon on the navigation bar of the game and can move to the in-built store of the game. The users can find several useful items in the in-built game store along with the Sacred Treasure Shop. The Treasure Shop is quite tempting, which can entice the users with its customized gear. However, the purpose of Diamonds does not end here, and the more critical use that the Diamonds served here is Purchasing Draws. The users, after purchasing the draws, can receive the new and latest characters with the SSR rarity. You need to click on the icon of Draw and find the latest Draws available currently. The users can get up to three Diamonds in one Draw, but it is better if they can save up to 30 for the Draws of 11x. Also, it is advisable to do 11x Draw for saving 30 Diamonds if you want to add an extra character every time and not desperate for adding new heroes to their roaster.

Tips to Get Free Diamonds in The Seven Deadly Sins

 After knowing what the significance of Diamonds is, here are the tips on how to get Free Diamonds.

1. Daily Log in

It is straightforward to log in daily and get the rewards as the game is alone at all if we talk it in this regard. If you are talking to Elizabeth first time in the Tavern, then you will surely get a reward and then the daily awards. The rewards received by the companies in this way may vary, but the users will start getting Diamonds in every few days.

2. Complete the Achievements

The game has several types of achievements that could be completed by the fans as most of the Achievements are rewarding. The Achievements include Adventures, Growth, and Challenges in which the fans can acquire Diamonds as the reward in completing Growth Achievements. Apart from this, the users can find Challenge Task while going to the Quests menu, and once the users complete the Achievement, they will receive the message on the screen. Moreover, if the fans will keep on knocking out Achievement every time, it will earn them the Achievements points, ultimately granting them more and more free Diamonds at every specific interval of time. You can look at the Achievement bottom for meter disclosing you that how close you are to gain your further reward.

3. Complete the Daily Tasks

Multiple daily tasks can give you the coupons to earn Diamonds for free in the game. The players can get the option of Daily Tasks in another tab appearing in the menu of Quests. The players can do the tasks instructed in the quests once a day and advance further in the story of the game by unlocking more and more things, each getting you the Diamonds for free. The tasks come under Daily Tasks include participating in the PVP fight festival and clearing the Free stages successfully. It is a good idea if the players will continue finishing Daily Tasks, which will increase their chances of getting the Diamonds for free.

4. Grab the Free Diamonds in Events

The players can find the numbers of Events going on in the game at any time by clicking on the image of Hawk that appeared on the screen of Tavern close to the upper left corner. When you find the Events, then the developer will mark the potential one to get you the Diamond for free in the banner of the event with a picture.

5. Help the villagers

It is the most popular way to get the Diamonds for free in the game; however, the most time too. The players will get the opportunity to earn the Diamonds through this way when they will advance through the story of the game. The players will encounter a new town or village while progressing through the game, in which you will need to take the quests and solve them. Some of the quests may lead to the chains of some more involved quests, but when you finish the quests, it will earn you the affinity of the villagers along with the Diamonds for free.

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