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Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Find and Get Legendary Largemouth Bass

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open wild world game where players can do everything they want. In the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, there are full of wildlife areas to find and rob items to live. There are various legendary animals also available in Red Dead Redemption 2 that require to collect to progress game. Among several numbers of legendry animals, one of them is Largemouth Bass, which is the 13th legendary fish of game. Finding and grabbing Largemouth Bass is not that easy, but through the following procedure, you can do it.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Find and Get Legendary Largemouth Bass

Where to Find Largemouth Bass

There is a specification location available in the southern region of southeast “Lake Don Julio.” After reaching the location, the “San Luis” River exists in New Austin. Reaching the river is not going to be easy for the players, so after finding San Luis River, you need to reach at the shore to attract or catch the Largemouth Bass.

How to Get Legendary Largemouth Bass

In order to get the Bass, it is essential to attract it in the first place. Use the Special “River Lure” to get the fish. The process of catching is easy in which firstly they have to wait for the Bass to come in fine line. Throwing the reel in the water player doesn’t have to do reeling because Bass will do it on its own. On whatever console or system they are playing, they just have to press the right button to catch the fish faster and easier.

How to Acquire Special River Lure

Baits for catching fish can be purchased at the bait shot located at Lagras. However, Largemouth Bass is a Legendry fish, and that is why players need to get special lure that can be acquired through completing the mission “A Fisher of Fish.” This particular mission will be unlocked after reaching to “Flat Iron Lake” of Northeast shoreline that is located at the Flatneck Station.

To begin, the mission players have to talk to a character who is Jeremy Gill. He will ask the player to catch a fish, and it is the opportunity where the player can catch the Legendary Largemouth Bass. In the mission, the player has to catch a total of 13 legendry fishes and send them to Gill, and he will reward you for that. In the reward, Gill will provide Special River Lure.

What’s next after Catching Legendary Largemouth Bass?

After catching the legendary fish, there are not any major things that players have to do. Everything depends on the player about what they are going to do with fish. They can keep it or also send it to Gill. There will be many more missions will be unlocked after completing “A Fisher of Fish” mission. All those missions will be side missions to get some additional rewards. Catching fishes and sending it to Gill help in earning several great rewards.

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