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PlayStation 4 vs. PlayStation 5 SSD: A Comparison of the Upgrade

With the confirmation from Sony to use the SSD in PlayStation 5, here is an overview of how they impact the game designs.

Sony has recently confirmed the introduction and use of SSD in the PlayStation 5 new gaming console. With this confirmation now, the question arises why the use of SSD in the next generation gaming console is considered so important. It is regarded as a very significant improvement in comparison to playstation4. The introduction of SSD has been considered as the necessity and the future of the gaming industry. While going through the ongoing developments in the next generation gaming console by Sony, it is clear that the company is intended to push the advantages of SSD even in the most potent hardware of PC.

PlayStation 4 vs. PlayStation 5 SSD: A Comparison of the Upgrade

SSD in PS5: What does it mean?

The introduction of SSD in PlayStation 5 will help the fans of video games immensely as it helps reduce loading times. But, the advantages of SSD are not only restricted to loading times, but it extends much more. Now, the question arises on how SSD in PS5 will make it more powerful and how the storage in the next generation gaming console will be impacted. In simple terms, SSD or Solid-state drives can be termed as storage devices just like hard drives, but regarding gaming, SSD often provides better performance. Also, due to some specific differences in the manufacturing of both storage devices, SSDs can access the various data more quickly than HDD, leading to enhanced performance and quicker loading of the games. SSDs are considered a better option to hard disk drives as SSDs have no onboard CPU and moving parts.

The other and significant thing upon which people are buzzing about the speed of the next generation gaming console after the introduction of SSD. So, it is quite clear that SSD has no disk to read and has the CPU, which is making it much faster than hard disk drives.  SSDs are quite expensive than HDDs, and so the gaming consoles like PS 4 refrained from introducing its features. However, the significant thing regarding the use of SSDs is improved and enhanced storage capacity. Sony has already shown the demonstration regarding the reduced load times in the Spider-man demo of Marvel.

What is so unique in the PlayStation 5?

The use of SSDs in the next generation gaming console will indeed reduce the load time of games and speed the performance of the gaming console. But, it is just a tip of the iceberg as the advantages are much more than only reducing load time. The combination of fast SSD and the central processor in PS5 will eliminate the loading time. The read speed of more than 5.5 GB per second will boot up the games in less than a second. In contrast, when PS4 copies the data of the game after the users download something, then the time taken by the gaming console is quite frustrating. The use of SSDs will save you from long, frustrating hours of the installation process.

Apart from that, the next generation gaming console PS5 will support the use of an external USB hard drive; however, the users would be able to play the games of PS4, which are backward compatible with a USB drive, which is traditional.

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