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Destiny 2: How to Get Lumina Catalyst and is It Good?

The new season of Destiny 2 has rolled out, and it has brought plenty of skills, weapons, and some changes in the player vs. player battles. In the player vs. player battles, having new guns are like an advantage, and a new interesting gun has been released, which is Lumina Catalyst. It’s a hand cannon gun which is balanced in both defensive and offensive way. To know about it perfectly start using it on PvP or PvE is kind of a good choice. If you thinking to use it then it is essential for you to know about its cos. and pros.

Destiny 2: How to Get Lumina Catalyst and is It Good?

In order to find, if Lumina Catalyst is the right gun for you or not, you need to know how it works while shooting, and does it really work that way what players expect? Without using it against the enemies, you won’t be able to find that Lumina Catalyst randomly drops. Players check the new guns, and while playing with Lumina Catalyst, it has been observing that its drop rates are high after shooting. In this condition, using the Lumina Catalyst for long-distance might not be a good idea.

Indeed it is true that Lumina Catalyst is better in the medium range and has great power. In the medium range of shots, Lumina Catalyst can give great damage to the enemy, and killing quickly with shots is also part of the gun. It drops the shot after you shoot the enemy, but its power is high that it can kill enemies in one shot. Killing enemies is the only goal that common in every mode of the game, but letting any random player single player booster for the team is also cont as killing. Lumina Catalyst just available for playing, and it will be part of PvP meta this upcoming season, which means it is worth having it.

It also depends on the game mode because, in some particular game mode, Lumina Catalyst can be so much helpful. For crushing opponents instant with powerful shots, Lumina Catalyst is perfect and is designed this way. Leveling up Lumina Catalyst is also possible in the game, and after mastering the gun with the proper up level, it will do double shot drops on the enemy instead of on only one. Despite the fact, using a new and single handgun is not that reliable, but Lumina Catalyst is unique that can do some groundbreaking work.

While using Lumina Catalyst, keep one thing in mind, it is dominant in both PvE and PvP modes of the game. So when you are playing the PvE team near anyone, just play with the strategy with Lumina Catalyst. The shape and power of Lumina Catalyst are much better than expected, so begin your shooting, healing, and looting strategy to reach on a higher level. The great thing is that you can use it in both offensive and defensive ways where its offensive term is much more reliable.

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