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The Best Workout Apps for iPhones

If you want to remain healthy, then working out every day becomes pertinent. However, it is not easy to follow a strict workout rule or to get the motivation as most of the people after following a schedule of work out often left it. Hiring a personal trainer or some professional work out plan is always expensive.

Thankfully, to the rescue of the people who want to stick to their daily workout plans, there are several apps to help you. The apps will not only motivate you to go to the gym daily but also customize the workouts for you, along with teaching you many new exercises.

The Best Workout Apps for iPhones

Here, is the list of some of the most excellent apps for iPhone that can help you to schedule your workouts so that you can stay fit and in shape:-


Millions of people use the app all across the world, and all of these people always look to motivate and encourage you to work out. The app is the best if you want to receive personal coaching along with following and creating the workouts. The best features of the app are its community, which is widely used by people all across the globe to post on a variety of subjects, including workouts, also enough to motivate you. You can get the answer to your fitness and work out related questions here and can also post your queries on the community. Fitocracy is also useful if you want to track the progress of your workouts and also can save the routine of your workout here.


Argus covers almost every imaginable branch of fitness with the help of its inbuilt GPS activity tracker of workouts. The tons of HD videos of workouts helps not only the beginners but also serve the experts. The users also get the option to customize their exercises along with the accessibility to the blogs related to nutrition, health, fitness, and many more. The presence of the calorie counter in the fitness app makes it a standalone app. Besides, the app includes several other exceptional features such as a heart rate monitor, a sleep tracker, a pedometer, and barcode scanners. Along with the designs and features of the fitness app, the functions of the app are also remarkable, and the users can download the app for free too.

Some other apps which are also of immense importance for the users who wanted to keep themselves fit and healthy include the following:-


The app comes with its vast community, which is full of people always ready to motivate you for workouts through their stories, blogs, and other content. Moreover, the app can provide you the track stat, including pace, calories, elevation, and distance. The app utilizes the GPS capabilities working on your iPhone to track the path of your workouts and release the data.


The users can use the app to create and analyze their workouts effectively in real-time, along with using it to define weights, sets, etc. The app helps to compare your workouts and streamlined it accordingly, along with logging your workouts quickly and conveniently.

Fitness Builder

The users can utilize the more than 1000 workouts, which are handmade and available for all levels of people. The app allows you to choose from a wide range of workouts that can be used by the users to stay fit and healthy.

The other incredible apps for workouts include Sleep cycle guide to wake up with a relaxing melody, Strong Workout Tracker useful to keep track of your workouts, and Charity Miles, an excellent app for tracking the distance between your run and walk. The other fitness apps which are equally useful for the users are Daily Workouts Fitness TrainerMap My Fitness by Under ArmorNike Training ClubAllTrailsFooducate, and Seven.

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