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New Twitter Client Finally Allows Us to Edit Tweets

“Twitter’s Brizzly Plus Comes With An Undo Button to Edit Your Tweets”

Twitter has finally included a feature that wills grants users to edit their tweets. The feature will arrive with a new addition which is called Brizzly Plus and will cost 60$ annually or 6$ for one month. The users have to purchase the subscription of Brizzly Plus in order to avail of its undo features.

New Twitter Client Finally Allows Us to Edit Tweets

Brizzly first came into existence in the year 2009 when it was launched to offer other sorts of utilities to the users. Now, it has been retained and updated with new features, including the Undo Button. The Undo Button offers a lot of options that users can set according to their preferences and comfort. Additionally, the best option of Undo Button is to set a delay time that will allow the users to send their tweets after the passing of the subsequent time. Let us examine the fact with an appropriate example; if the users set the time delay to 10 minutes, then their tweet will be sent after 10 minutes. At that time, they can easily rethink to edit or to cancel the subsequent tweet easily.

Similar to the following option, there are lots of other options to avail of Undo Button more thoroughly. Brizzly has also obtained a redo Button that will tweet your deleted tweet in case you have mistakenly deleted or edit your tweet. Brizzly also provides a feature of auto-deletion that allows users to set a time to remove their tweets. More clearly, they can delete their tweet even after a month automatically through this option. There is also a feature of Fave to Save that will stop the tweet through auto-deletion in case it reaches out to a maximum number of retweets or likes. Precisely, you can set the retweets and likes limit to execute Fave to Save.

Before thinking about creating Brizzly Plus, Twitter has already made up its mind to launch an edit button on Twitter. However, later CEO Jack Dorsey canceled the decision, and thus Brizzly Plus was recreated. Regarding the cancellation of Edit Button, the CEO of Twitter says that the edit button will probably vanish the purpose of Twitter. So, in reference to that context, they are launching Brizzly Plus with lots of similar features to Edit Button.

There are also various other options and features that Brizzly offers, and users must be quite mesmerized with them. These features are a must demanded aspect that users of Twitter are asking for a long time. Now, they have finally arrived, but somehow, it feels shocking that these features are kept under a price.

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