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Latest iOS 14 beta Leaks Reveal 5 Exciting New Features

Apple has been all over the market with its betas, devices, and leaks. The rumored iPhone 9 aka iPhone SE 2 is also believed to debut later this month. The device is believed to be designed like iPhone 8 with iPhone 11 features and affordable price that is starting from $399. Now we have received several leaks regarding the latest iOS 14.

Latest iOS 14 beta Leaks Reveal 5 Exciting New Features

The new Apple iPad Pro model is also expected to release soon alongside the all-new Apple Macbook. Apple TV and many products are also set to be released before the end of this year. Apple is also showing completely new four iPhone 12 models instead of three models. The new Apple iPhone will be designed entirely for user convenience and including Ming-Chi Kuo for different sizes of the screen. New Air Tags can also be released with the new iPhone 12 series.

Here are the 5 exciting features we got from the iOS 14 leaks:

1) iOS 14 Handwriting Recognition

The first MacRumors report takes an impressive feature that is useful for millions of iOS users. Dubbed PencilKit is a new feature that indicates popup of windows, and iOS 14 will serve OCR technology to change written words into text automatically. The report shows that the new features are available in the Apple iOS 14 beta alongside a text input field with the third-party applications.

2) Mentions in iMessages

According to MacRumors, the company is adding new features in iMessage. These features allow people to participate in a group by writing @ symbol in the iMessage application. You can also manage specific users to notify a specific person when you send any message. There are also settings in the conversation that notify the user whenever they get a new message within the conversation.

3) Ability to Recall iMessage

MacRumors also described a new iMessage service currently launched by Apple for its developers to testing. This feature allows to user to recall the message which is already sent. If a sent message is recalled, a popup will appear on both people’s conversations and indicate that a message has been remembered. This feature will be available on iOS 14, and even in macOS will be released this year.

4) Apple Fitness Application

Apple has also released a new fitness application on its device that is a brand new application from Apple. It is joint with several features that are available in several health applications. This application is said to be Seymour inbuilt in Apple. It will likely launch Apple Fit or Fitness with the iOS 14 version. Apple’s new fitness application allows users to download fitness videos, and workout videos guide on three Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. A new version of the fitness application is also reported for the Apple watchOS 7 in the main application.

5) Custom Voice Synthesizers

Another feature named Auto-Tune is coming with the release of iOS 14. MacRumors stated in their article that Apple is working on introducing new features in iOS 14 that allow developers to create custom voice synthesizers in an iOS application. You can also use a framework application called VoiceProvider, and Apple developers can offer additional voice and language in the new iOS application. Apple first released iOS 14 beta for their developers and then for all users.

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