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Chrome Tool can help Developers Make Websites More Color Blind friendly

“The new Chrome tool is currently in beta phase”

Google has recently announced to launch a new Chrome extension, which helps the color-blind users to work efficiently on different websites. The new tool of Chrome is still in its early beta, and the developers are trying to develop the extension in such a way that it could fix the accessibility issues on the websites for the color-blind users. Since the new Chrome, the tool is in its early beta phase, so it is not available for everyday users. However, the developers can utilize the newly introduced feature by navigating to Google Chrome, and then they have to move ahead to the developer tools of the browser.

Chrome Tool can help Developers Make Websites More Color Blind friendly

When the developers move to the developer tools of the browser, they will find the new option as “Emulate vision deficiencies. Emulate vision deficiencies will display a menu, including vision limitations in the drop-down. The developers can check the utilization of the tool by selecting the limitations of the vision appearing on the list. For instance, they can choose Tritanopia( the person suffering from Tritanopia cannot distinguish the colors blue and yellow) from the displayed drop-down menu of vision limitations. Then, the developers can further check if there is any difficulty in going through the content without those particular colors.

More than 300 million people are facing difficulty in their life due to color blindness

According to a report presented by Color Blind awareness, it has been revealed that almost 300 million people all across the globe are impacted due to color blindness. The problem is gigantic as the number of people suffering from color vision deficiency is almost equal to the entire population of the USA. Most of the people inherit the color vision deficiency genetically from their mothers. Still, some people also got impacted by the weakness due to some diseases such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, etc. The deficiency also developed over time due to the aging process in the people. It should be noteworthy that color blind people can see things and objects as healthy people, but they failed to see red, blue, or green colors fully.

Meanwhile, the new developer tool of Google will follow the release of developer tool regarding visual deficiency of Firefox as the inclusion of the developer tools are crucial in both browsers as the sites are displayed differently by both web browsers. However, the accessibility and Mozilla expert, Ian Hamilton has stated that even though the developer tools are beneficial, but they are not entirely correct when imitating the visual conditions. However, the newly introduced developing tools are still worthy as they provide feedback to the developers as to how users having visual deficiency is responding to the websites or how the sites are looking to such users.

Amidst all, The newly introduced Chrome extension is still in early beta and will be available in Chrome 82. The new chrome extension added by Google will certainly help the color-blind users to work conveniently on the websites while fighting against their deficiency successfully.


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