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How To Enable Boost Mode On Nintendo Switch

Boost mode in the Nintendo Switch is a secret feature that most of the players don’t know about. Nintendo never said anything about boost mode but from April 2019 the mode is in use. In the patch notes of Nintendo Switch, there were no details available and the company never revealed the information for a purpose. However, if you regularly play on Nintendo Switch then you might have noticed it. It’s a great feature which is hidden for now, and that is why there are very players who know about it.

How To Enable Boost Mode On Nintendo Switch

If you are looking for installing about it and willing to experience it, then you need to activate it first. If your Nintendo Switch is updated, then the good news is for you is that you don’t need to do anything for activating it because, after the 8.0.0 update, it’s automatically enabled.

How and When it All Started?

In April 2019, Nintendo added Boost mode in the game without letting players know about it. It was within the Firmware 8.0.0 that the Boost mode was added secretly. Updating the software improved some of the features, and in that one of the most improved thing was improving in transferring data and zoom-in feature. Those players who only play for enjoyment didn’t notice any additional thing from the update, but some developers noticed that there are one more thing is added that Nintendo didn’t mention in the patch notes.

It’s not a usual thing, and that is why it’s hard to notice those things that are not mentioned. Still, after playing regularly or focusing on every small change, it can make you realize that there is something additional available. Just because it’s not official and has no particular name, gamers are calling it Boost Mode. But Boost mode works, and it works in the performance of the CPU of the Nintendo Switch. It increases the speed of the game, and it increases the speed. The regular pace of Nintendo Switch is 1GHz, but after updating, it moves to 1.75GHz irregularly.

As you know that Boost mode is always enabled, and it increases the performance of the game and makes them smooth, but it does not always happen. Nintendo might still be working on something better and innovative, and it could be part of it. The confusion is that why Nintendo did not reveal any detail of it. You can notice the difference in the games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Odyssey. It is true that now Nintendo is working on improving the performance of the games without providing any official statement.

Nintendo Switch and Other Gaming Platforms

Indeed Nintendo is working hard to provide great experience and performance from their Nintendo Switch console, but still PS4 and Xbox One are no less in performance. These are the tough competitors that are currently beating the performance of Nintendo Switch. You might don’t know exactly, but the speed chart of Nintendo Switch is 1,020 MHz and GPU clock speed 768 MHz when dock connected. While playing through on the go, the speed falls to 307 MHz.

Nintendo Switch is one of the advance games in a compact size, even though it can have no competition with other bigger console games, but it’s innovative nonetheless. The hardware of the Nintendo Switch is not that extraordinary, but with boost mode, performance increases to make the game smoother.

Boost Mode Already Activated in Nintendo Switch

You can enjoy the Boost Mode that Nintendo has provided to make the experience of console games unique. Still, after a couple of months, gamers don’t exactly know about Boost mode and how it works. It works on its own without any commands. If you compare console games with PC games, then there is no comparison because console games lack some advantages that PC have. However, it’s not a disappointment for Nintendo Switch because what they make is always iconic, and gamers who love to play on Nintendo Switch for them it is the preferred size and device for playing.

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