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How to Fix “Msvcrt.dll” Not Found or Missing Errors on Windows 10

“Msvcrt.dll” is a specialized tool of your system’s Windows that is needed for launching your files in proceeded by general “C++” functions and “C++” Visual frameworks. It keeps various instructions and information for your executable files for sharing the same dll for making your system faster. Sometimes, the “Msvcrt.dll” files get lost or missing that makes you worry when you can’t get your particular software or program run or installed on your system.

How to Fix Msvcrt.dll Not Found or Missing Errors on Windows 10

There are various reasons behind this particular issue like corrupted hard drive, crashing of your system, unintentionally deletion of all files, and the possible reason is the presence of malware. In some cases, the improper power supply during installing Windows also leads to the “msvcrt.dll” error to appear.

Here is how to troubleshoot this common issue while running a program or installing Windows:

Restoring “msvcrt.dll” File from Recycle Bin

If you have intentionally or unintentionally removed your Windows 10 “msvcrt.dll” file and you wish to recover it, then need not to worry.

Follow these steps to restore the “dll” file from your “Recycle Bin” :

  • First of all, tap “Windows + D” keys simultaneously from your keyboard.
  • Then, double click the “Recycle Bin” option.
  • Once the recycle bin opens, look for the file “msvcrt.dll” in the provided listing. You can use the “search bar” for locating your file if there are lots of items inside it.
  • When you find your desired file, right-click the “msvcrt.dll” option and then select the option “Restore.”

Note: In case you have accidentally already deleted all the data and files from the recycle bin, then it is recommended to use a third-party application for restoring your deleted files.

Running “Installation Disc” for Recovering Your File

If you wish to retrieve your lost “msvcrt.dll” file, then the “Installation Disc” will help you to get your desired data. Follow the mentioned instructions to recover your file:

  • Firstly, you have to put your “Windows Installation disc” inside the slot of a CD or DVD drive in your system.
  • After that, wait for a while for the “Windows Setup” wizard to launch.
  • Then, tap the “Next” button.
  • After that, hit “Shift + f10” keys from your keyboard simultaneously to launch “Command Prompt.”
  • Now, make a copy of the following command and then paste it in the command page:

“cd system32

 ren msvcrt.dll msvcrt.bak


cd \ i386

 expand msvcrt.dl_ C: \ windows \ system32


Note: “C:” drive is assigned for “Windows Installation” and “D:\” drive for CD and DVD reader.

Replacing “msvcrt.dll” Manually

If you wish to fix “msvcrt.dll” missing issue, you may manually install your lost file from the genuine site and then store it in your PC, To do so, follow these instructions:

  • First of all, go to your desired website and launch it.
  • Then, install the “msvcrt.dll” file.
  • After that, navigate to the folder “Downloads” and then unzip “msvcrt.dll.”
  • Now, hit “Windows + R” keys from your keyboard simultaneously that prompts “Run” dialog.
  • Then, enter “C:\ Windows \ Syatem32” in the provided search bar and tap on “OK.”
  • In the upcoming screen page, search for the “msvcrt.dll.”
  • Once found, apply right click on the provided file and hit the “Rename” tab from the expanded list.
  • Now, rename it as “msvcrtBACKUP.dll.”
  • After that, return to the “Downloads” folder and then create a copy of your unzipped file “msvcrt.dll.”
  • Then, paste it to your “System32” file/directory.
  • Finally, reboot the system to save the changes.

Keeping OS Up-to-date

Updating an Operating fix various bugs and glitches. Similarly, once you update your system, your crashed or missing DLL file will adopt the latest updated OS, and thus all the annoying DLL issues will remove. If you wish to update your system, then follow these steps:

  • First of all, hit “Window + I” keys simultaneously so that the “Settings” application will launch.
  • After that, tap on “Update and Security” option.
  • Hit the tab “Check for Updates” on the following page.
  • Look for any available update, if found, then tap on “Download” to proceed with the installation process.

Reinstalling a Compatible Program for Running “msvcrt.dll.”

  • Firstly, tap on the “search bar” option located at the bottom portion of your taskbar.
  • Then, hit the “Control Panel” option there.
  • After that, a listing will open, showing relevant results.
  • Now, tap the “Enter” key.
  • Go to your “Control Panel” window and set “View by” to “small icons.”
  • After that, tap the “Features and Program” option for viewing downloaded apps.
  • Now, search for the issue creating an application. Once found, tap the “Uninstall” tab for removing it.
  • Now, reboot your system normally.
  • Finally, install the software or program that you have removed recently and make sure that the issue has removed successfully.

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