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How to Fix wab.exe in Windows 10

Wab.exe error is caused in Windows 10 when there is a malware attack. It can be caused due to the Address book of the search engine, reserve details of contact, emails, or address used in the MS Outlook account. The issue leaves your device in a critical state, and you need to solve it as quickly as possible.

There are 10 ways given in the blogs that helps you to fix error wab.exe as given below:-

  1. Check Virus in Windows 10 to fix: wab.exe
  2. Reason of error wab.exe in Windows 10
  3. Error messages overlap
  4. Close Task of wab.exe.
  5. Execute full scan for virus
  6. The debased file may occur the error web.exe in Windows 10.
  7. Run a DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) Utility
  8. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs
  9. Run Disk Cleanup utility
  10. Install all possible Windows Updates

1) Check Virus in Windows 10 to fix: wab.exe

Here are the steps on how to check a virus in Windows 10 to fix: wab.exe:-

  1. Navigate your cursor on the Taskbar section and right tap on it.
  2. When the title appears on the screen, choose Task manager top to launch it.
  3. On the windows screen, select More details section in the bottom.
  4. Tap the Processes icon and visit wab.exe.
  5. Right-tap on the process and choose the Open file location.

2) Reasons for Error wab.exe in Windows 10

 Here are the steps on how to fix: wab.exe in Windows 10 by finding the reason behind:-

  1. Malfunctioning Registry entries and Missing entries related to wab.exe file developer 05/2010 security developed as ISO Image.
  2. Deleting the program files associated with the malware attack.
  3. Removing system program associated with exe file.
  4. A newly installed incompatible program.
  5. Incompletely downloaded files or programs.
  6. Incomplete installation of program in incorrect manner.
  7. Lacking installations of Windows updates file.
  8. Forcibly cancellation of uninstallation process due malware virus issue.

3) Error Messages Overlap

When your system is affected, you may be seen the error message on your device screen.

Here are the messages that overlap on your device screen:-

  1. Wab.exe. has numbers of problems and needs to be closed.
  2. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Can’t find wab.exe.
  4. Wab.exe. is not a proper Win32 application.
  5. The issue with launching program wab.exe. is not ready to run.

4) Close Task of wab.exe.

  1. Click Ctrl+shift+esc button on the keyboard to launch the task manager.
  2. Turn to details icon on the page.
  3. Find wab.exe from the visible list, and then right tap on it when you sound in the list.
  4. Choose End task in the option to change the running task.

5)  Execute Full Scan for Virus

Here are the steps on how to execute a full scan of the virus to get the error of wab.exe in the windows 10:-

  1. Tap on the taskbar search field and enter the full scan in the search field.
  2. If you see threat protection and virus in the result appear, Tap Enter on the keyboard.
  3. Move to the next step, select Scan option in the right panel.
  4. When the windows appear on the screen, choose the radio section of full scan and choose Scan now option to start the scanning process.
  5. Launch System file checker to restore debased system files

6) the Debased File May Occur the Error web.exe in Windows 10.

Here are the steps on how to launch system file checker to restore debased system files:-

  1. Launched the cmd.exe in the windows search field.
  2. Enter cmd.exe in the windows search field.
  3. Choose  Run as Administrator for access administrative.
  4. When a UAC (User Account Control) prompts up then Tap on Yes to give permission.
  5. On behalf of blinking the cursor, write sfc/scannow and then Tap Enter option.

7) Run a DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) Utility

Here are the steps on how to run a DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) utility:-

  1. Launch the Run Dialog by tapping Wind+R button together and then enter cmd.exe in the search field.
  2. Hit Shift+Ctrl+Enter button.
  3. Here you can see a UAC on the screen, tap on Yes.
  4. When the command processed to go to the sight, and type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth in the field
  5. Tap the Enter key.

8) Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

Here are the steps on how to uninstall unnecessary program:-

  1. Launch the Window setting application by tapping Win+I button together and navigate over the application icon.
  2. Hit the Application.
  3. Find the Software or program that are not useful for you and show in the list.
  4. Tap on the unexpected file and then choose to uninstall option in the extended panel.
  5. Tap the uninstall option when asked, Choose Yes on UAC option to removing the unexpected program.
  6. Follow the instruction shown on your screen to complete the uninstallation of error wab.exe. in Windows 10.

9) Run Disk Cleanup Utility

Here are the steps on how to Run Disk Cleanup utility:-

  1. Tap the Win+R button and, start the Run dialogue.
  2. When the result appears on the screen, enter cleanmgr in the search field that is shown as Open, tap the enter button.
  3. When the popup appears on the screen, Choose your wish drive as (C:).
  4. Disk Cleanup will be started and find the space.
  5. Tap on Clean up system files, in the bottom on the window.
  6. Again select (C:) and Tap OK.
  7. Choose all items and download on the next screen appear on the screen to clean the Dusk.
  8. Hit on, OK.
  9. Tap on Delete files when the dialogue popup on your screen.

10) Install All Possible Windows Updates

Here are the steps on how to Install all possible Windows Updates:-

  1. Right-tap on the start button, and then choose Settings in the list visible.
  2. Tap on Updates and security.
  3. Tap Check for Updates option and allow to install all the pending download.


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