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Sling TV losing Subscribers For First Time as The Streaming Race Continues

For the first time, Sling TV has lost its subscribers and this has been caused due to the increasing competition among the video streaming industry. According to the parent company, Dish Network, the reason behind the huge loss of subscription is the hike in the prices of streaming service. The recent hike in the prices has contributed to the loss of almost 94,000 subscribers and has badly affected the earnings. According to Dish Network, this is the first time in three months since the launch of Sling TV in the year 2015, when the live streaming service has experienced so huge negative growth in the numbers of customers.

Sling TV losing Subscribers For First Time as The Streaming Race Continues

The parent company, Dish Network is, however, inquiring behind the reasons for slowing down customer growth but it thinks that it has happened due to the increasing competition in the video streaming industry.  According to the CEO of Dish Network, Erik Carlson has said the company has added only 1,75,000 new subscribers in the year 2019 which was much less than the 7,11,000 subscribers which was added to the company in the year 2015. He further stated that such a loss can only be attributed to the intensifying competition in the streaming service industry. Carlson did not mention the competitors but said that the ecosystem in the streaming service industry is changing a lot which has even recently compelled Sony to shut down Play station Vue which was its streaming service. Sony has to struggle a lot for getting subscribers and profit and finally, it decided to shut down its streaming service.

There are several streaming services giant in the market which is giving fierce competition to the Sling TV and it has worked on innovating much more programs to keep alive in this competitive market. Some formidable rivals which are giving a tough fight to the Sling TV are Hulu owned by Disney and YouTube TV. However, Some other streaming services which have a large number of subscribers cannot be excluded such as Prime Video, CBS All Entry, Netflix and Disney Plus. Some other emerging competitors include the names of AT&T, HBO Max, Peacock of NBC Universal and Quibi.

In the competitive era, when all the streaming services are giving the fierce fight to each other and announcing a lot of shows for every section of society along with providing several discounts, it is not going easy for the Sling TV to keep itself alive. Amidst all, many new streaming services with innovative features are hitting the market and it is affecting the growth of subscribers for the industry overall. However, each streaming service is making a lot of changes and working over the exceptional storyline and programs to entice the large section of the viewers. Netflix is still far ahead among all other streaming services and people find it convenient to see whatever the streaming giant is serving them.

It will be interesting to see how the Sling TV is taking the loss in the growth of its subscribers. The company officials are taking several steps to deal with the situation along with pondering over the reasons in depth. But only the time could say what will be the future of Sling TV.

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