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Google Parent Company Alphabet Shuts Down Makani Kite- Energy Project

The parent company of Google, Alphabet, has withdrawn its support for the Makani Power-generating project. The news has been confirmed by the CEO of Makani Enterprises, MR. Fort Felker through a blog that he posted on 18 February 2020. It is the first project of Alphabet that has been called off by them, and several figures have criticized Sundar Pichai for signing off this venture. Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the project X after acquiring Makani in 2013. Project X was an innovative venture by Makani to make wind energy in a more affordable and accessible way.

Google Parent Company Alphabet Shuts Down Makani Kite- Energy Project

The other rumors state that Alphabet has invested in various other ventures and is incurring an immense loss due to them. Sundar Pichai has been pressurized by the board of directors to cut off these losses by shutting down the ventures, including Waymo; A self-driving car service and Loon; A wireless broadband project. According to a report of Financial Times, Alphabet has faced a 4.8 billion$ loss due to the subsequent ventures.

Although Makani’s Project X is one of the significant ones in which Alphabet has invested and since the time it begins, Larry Page, alongside Sergey Brin, was pretty intent of their decision. Several people have gazed their eyes on project X as it is one of the essential projects in terms of producing energy. The immediate shutting down of the project has raised various rumors and questions in everybody’s mind, including Makani.

Makani was started in 2006 by Saul Griffith, Don Montague, and Corwin Hardham with an initiative of producing the cheapest wind energy. The company had also proven this fact and yet received desirable funding from Google in 2013. The project was named as Google X at that time and alter to X in 2019 after Makani officially assign to Alphabet.

Makani was once an independent company that has been supported by Shell several times. After being abandoned by Alphabet, Makani has decided to go along with Shell again. Makani CEO has drawn the statement through his blog in which he stated; the subsequent decision of Alphabet will not determine the future of Makani Technology. He added that Makani is no longer an acquisition of Alphabet, and we are assigning Shell to develop and look upon the technology attribute of Makani.

Along with Alphabet, several employees of Makani have also left the company after the subsequent news. However, several employees are still standing along Makani, as told by Makani, Teller, and will try building it again. The stunning announcement from the business market has often led to several decades of conflict, and yet we all need to wait to witness what this one will show up in the future.

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