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5 Best TVs for Gaming at Low Input Lag

Any delays which suddenly come between the game and your controller can deprive you of the excitement of the game. It sometimes led to the death of your character while playing the game, which often makes you lose the game. There is a delicate balance between the action and the feedback loop of your brain, game controller, and your fingers too. If this delicate balance will be disrupted even for a minute, then it surely hindered the thrilling experience of your gaming performance. It sometimes also create a situation when your character got killed in the game.

The people who are unaware of input lag should know that it is the amount of time progresses between the image appeared onscreen and the picture generated by the source. It is quite different from response time and matters a lot to those who play video games on PCs and consoles. When the game fails to respond to your actions frequently, then not only your game performance affected but also your character may be killed.

5 Best TVs for Gaming at Low Input Lag

The most significant source of delays behind online games is the latency between servers on the internet and the consoles, and this factor is entirely out of your control. But, the input lag, which takes place only due to TV itself, is the second biggest reason and can be controlled. Hopefully, several TVs have picture mode specifically designed to minimize the input latency introduced by the TVs, and these are called gaming mode.

These TVs having gaming mode has been put through several tests; also, some other factors were taken into consideration, such as picture quality, screen size, gaming experience, colour gamut, refresh rate, viewing angles picture quality, etc. The top 5 TVs which have the minimum input lag are the following:-

  • TCL 65R625

The TV has the least input lag with 11.03 ms only and has got a rating of 8.7, and the TV handles both HDR10 and Dolby Vision along with providing impressive brightness, rich contrast, and excellent quality of images. The price of the TV is affordable, and it has an elegant design.

  • LG OLED65B9P

The TV has got a rating of 8.6 for its spectacular image quality having striking design featuring a super-slim panel. The TV has many other impressive features along with delivering perfect black levels and superb uniformity. It also has wide viewing angles and accurate colour and supports Apple AirPlay 2 and Amazon Alexa.

  • LG OLED65C9P

The TV with a 13.3 ms input lag rate and having a rating of 8.5 is quite expensive but has a staggering picture quality as it based on organic light-emitting diode technology. It offers superb uniformity and better video processing.

  • Samsung QN65Q70R

The TV having variable refresh rate and auto game mode also has a lot of other gaming-friendly features too. The TV offers a reliable video processing and an excellent image quality along with a great bright room picture. It is affordable and has a rating of 8 in terms of overall features and quality.

  • Vizio PX65-G1

The TV has excellent picture quality and is affordable and among its several features which make the TV a better choice is it’s remote, which can run longer and longer.



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