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Pokémon Home: Release Date and Every detail You Need to Know

“Pokémon Home” is a home for all the existing and upcoming Pokémon where players can store their desired Pokémon. Nintendo provides various features in his “Nintendo Switch” to keep these Monsters in one place, but it has its bolts and nuts in refining every generation Pokémon s.

The “Pokémon ” company and Nintendo, both works for the betterment of Pokémon, s to provide the best of it. They launched a new system for transferring and upgrading Pokémon s further to the recent system and game. For some time, it worked quite well, but after some time, it became impossible to store all the Pokémon s in one place.

Pokémon Home: Release Date and Every detail You Need to Know

As a proceeding move, the “Pokémon ” company has recently introduced “Pokémon Home” that will work as “Pokémon Bank.” It’s the storage and subscription system that will provide all the latest features to keep all the Pokémon’s.

About “Pokémon Home”

The “Pokémon  Home” is a subscription storage system that allows users to keep their Pokémon s in their Pokémon  Bank. Basically, it’s a cloud service that requires a paid subscription from the users where they have to pay annually or monthly as a subscription fee.

In this system, players are free to transfer their Pokémons between multiple generics and games. It is introduced on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and permits the users to make trading communications to other players and friends across the globe.

The service delivers and provides access to transfer any of their preferred Pokémon  from one Pokémon  Home to “Pokémon Sword and Shield” and vice versa once the Pokémon  gets into the “Pokémon  Home.”

Compatible Games

“Pokémon  Home” cooperates compatible with almost of “Pokémon” Nintendo series; it may be “Pokémon  Let’s Go Eevee,” ” Pokémon  Sword,” ” Pokémon  Shield,” ” Pokémon  Go Pikachu,” and even with “Pokémon  Go”: a mobile gaming service. It is also compatible with the similar subscription-based system “Pokémon  bank,” which works on “Nintendo 3DS.” Therefore, it is clear that every Nintendo games perform compatibly with Pokémon  Home.

The Transferring of Pokémon

Most of the advanced “GameBoy” Pokémon games are compatible and work better, for transferring the Pokémon s from one gaming sequel to another. With “Virtual Consoles,” “Pokémon  Silver and Gold” and “Pokémon  Red and Blue” are currently available on “Nintendo 3DS.”

Some of the advanced “GameBoy” sequels that could be transferred to other gaming consoles or its related sequels are “Pokémon Leaf Green and Fire Red,” and “Pokémon  Sapphire and Ruby.” They can be shifted to “Pokémon Pearl and Diamond,” and after it can be moved to Pokémon White 2 and Black 2,” and “Pokémon White and Black.” Interestingly, these Pokémon gaming sequels are very compatible with “Pokémon Bank.” Despite these things, “Pokémon X and Y,” “Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon,” “Ruby and Sapphire” are also compatible with this cloud service.

Launch Date of Pokémon Home

Players are eagerly waiting for the release of this cloud-based service to store their Pokémon s. According to sources and Pokémon Company, it is expected to launch in the next month this year, but the exact schedule has not been announced yet. There is no announcement about the subscription fee and time, but it will be for various platforms such as “Android,” ” iOS,” and “Nintendo Switch.”

Players and experts are calculating the expected subscription fee should be about five dollars based on “Pokémon Bank” ‘s subscription fee.

Now despite these conversations and news from the users, they are expecting that Pokémon company and “Nintendo Switch” can move forward to provide various details about “Pokémon  Home,” and they should do. As “Pokémon  Bank” allows its users to keep about 3000 Pokémon, players are expecting more from “Pokémon  Home.” They also desire to have some extra features based on cheap subscription rates and additional features to transfer Pokémon s from one place to another.

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