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How to Setup a Shared Server in Minecraft

Nowadays, the games are being developed by a lot of creativity, and thus, the objective of Minecraft intrigues because it grants its gamers to create. The crafting aspects of Minecraft are not the sole thing to lure alongside the game allows players to play it with their friends.

However, hosting a server in Minecraft could be really intricate, and if you are facing a similar problem, then below, we have gathered specific information about setting up a shared server in Minecraft. Gamers need to have a Windows PC, and a proper Internet Connection alongside the process will undergo several code changes and downloads.

How to Setup a Shared Server in Minecraft

How to Setup a Server

Gamers need to be pretty to ensure that they have installed the newest Java version on their preferred PC.  After they have installed it successfully, then they need to download the Minecraft by visiting the following link  Minecraft Server.exe from Now, once they have successfully downloaded the Minecraft, they need to run the application.

After they have successfully run the application, they will see a pop-up message on their screen, and they need to insert Type-Stop inside it. Once you have executed all these steps, then you will surely encounter that you Minecraft is created. Below is the Server setting that needs to be fixed.

Server Settings

Once you have saved the Minecraft file on your PC, then you will encounter two files known as Server. One file among both of them will be included as the Properties files; you need to tap on it and requires to select the option of Edit. You will encounter a list of several server settings tailed by equal values and signs. Gamers need to change some of these values to avail of the results in the game; please make sure that you only apply the changes that we have mentioned here.

White-List: This mode will give you access to hinder your foes from the servers alongside people whom you don’t want to see near your Server. The mode is pretty essential if you are planning to keep your server private with your friends. It would help if you headed straight to the Minecraft server, and you will see a White-List tab there. It would help if you tapped on it and requires to launch the files on Notepad to create a username list. Make sure that the first name is yours; you need to insert your username over there. Tap on the enter key and begin to add those friends whom you would like to play.

Difficulty: Gamers can easily set the values of difficulty, which favors them to reduce the intricacy of their game. It largely relies on your choice, so insert the prefer value once you have decided.

Gamemode: This setting is not less than the rewards for the players because it allows you to set the type of world you wish to play in. The value of 0 signifies for the survival mode, whereas one will give you access to creative mode.


We hope that this article will serve you properly and you have attained all the required information through it. If you are new to the world of Minecraft, then you can play it on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and on PC.

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