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Pokémon Go: How to Catch Party Hat Wurmple

The auspicious celebration of New Year is going on across the world, and the gaming industries also celebrated the festive day with their fans. We have witnessed several new updates alongside events that are favoring players to attain rewards and lots of beneficial items.

Pokémon Go had also taken part in this festive celebrating race and thus added a new aspect known as some party-ready Pokémon. The event will be wrap up on January 16th and it will be appear on Adventure Sync Hatchathon.

Pokémon Go: How to Catch Party Hat Wurmple

This emerging aspect of this game is creating a lot of buzz among the players because it allows them to catch newly added Pokémon’s. Players are pretty keen about one of those Pokémon, and it is Party Hat Wurmple. Below we have shared specific ways to favors you to catch Party Hat Wurmple with little ease and make sure that you read all these steps carefully to avail of the best possible outcomes.

About Party Hat Wurmple

All the Pokémon’s fans must be familiar with the name of Wurmple because last year it appeared in the game. Players are demanding for this Pokémon since that day, and now almost a year later, Niantic had fulfilled their dream. Besides, it has not appeared in the game for long, but still, Wurmple is pretty famous, and in addition to proving this fact, several players have even filled their Etsy shops with Wurmple’s t-shirts and pins.

This can also be the reason why Niantic waits for so long to include this Pokémon to the list because it also knows the prominence of Wurmple in Pokémon Go and thus includes it on a pretty auspicious day of New Year. Now it is being considered as one of the biggest events of Pokémon Go till now, and Team Rocket Disruption event was the major one before arising of it.

Get Wurmple

There are several unique and essential Pokémon, just like Wurmple in this new event, and they are WobbuffetsRaichuPikachu, and Raticate. Players can also get any of these Pokémon if they would like to attain by raiding, then catching them either by hatching eggs or fighting in the Wild. Although, it is an intricate process but is rewarding nonetheless.

The player must know about the physical catching aspect of Pokémon in the raids such as Pikachu and Raichu can only be caught by hatching their eggs. Players who are intended to catch any of this Pokémon by hatching the eggs should use double stardust and Candy. Pokémon such as Wurmple can be got by both, whether it is by fighting in the raid with it or by hatching its egg.


It is suggested to go through the hatching egg method because it is pretty easy and efficient. Besides the Adventure Sync Hatchathon, players can also avail of the benefits of Research Breakthrough Rewards alongside Unova Pokémon. These events will be included in the game on January 20th, and players must hatch as many eggs as possible before January 16th. If you are new to this game and would like to play it, then you can witness its gaming fun on any Android or iOS devices.

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