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How to Extract in Escape from Tarkov?

The popular game, Escape from Tarkov of Battlestate Games, is creating a buzz in the gaming world nowadays due to an update. The update arrived on the 31st December, and it lets the players become Private military Contractors along with a chance to explore Russia’s Norvinsk part virtually.

The inclusion that the new update brought is being acclaimed by numerous players, especially Twitch streamers. Besides this fact, there is a major factor of Escape from Tarkov available, and it is to pick Faction to protect quests and loot.

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The game requires the players to take every loot along with several items that they have to protect to an Extraction Point to left an Escape from Tarkov’s several maps. Every map of Tarkov’s is filled with surprises and several Extractions; however, it is a bit hard to access any of them.

This is one of the most commonly occurring issues in Escape from Tarkov and below we have provided a specific guide to favoring the players to Extract the secured items conveniently. It is highly recommended to read this workaround carefully to avail of the best outcomes.


The first step for the players to begin this process is to play the game in Raid, and once the players successfully begin the matching into a raid, then they will encounter a small popup prompt on the screen that discloses the Extractions. In case the popup prompt disappears, it can be brought back with a slight press of O keyword twice.

The only possible way to exit the map in Escape from Tarkov is by Extractions, and it is the same for all the players and their teammates but distinctive in Factions. Players will found that various Extractions Points are highlighted with a sign of ??:??:??, and it signifies that this point comprises of few specific rules. However, players can use the blank Extractions any time, and the particular rule of Extraction is to open or close it with a key. The closing of these Extractions is often done automatically at a specific time.

Offline Mode and Learning Ropes

Players should know the name of the Extraction options, and it is often considered as the first step of this process. Players should be aware of this fact because there are no markers or any icons available in the game map to lead the players towards any of these Extractions.

Besides, it is hard to locate the Extractions in the first place, and the essential advice for the players is to play the game in Offline Mode.

They need to toggle the On switch to off to head Offline along with turning down PvE and thus attain the freedom to roam in the maps to navigate all the Extractions. This is probably the best and most straightforward way to accomplish the Extraction process.


We hope that you will find this blog useful and if you are new to the virtual world of Escape from Tarkov, then you can play it on PC.

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