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Pokémon Go: How to Counter Delibird in Raids

The gaming world is celebrating Christmas with a unique way of availing their gamers with several rewards and new events. Pokémon Go also wishes its gamers with all-new Bonuses, Raid Pokémon, special spawn, and Pokémon clothes. On the special occasion of Christmas and to avail the players with winter experience, the Pokémon Go developers have added a few Ice-type Pokémon in new Pokémon raids.

Pokémon Go: How to Counter Delibird in Raids

One of this ice type Pokémon who is luring several players towards it is Delibird, and several players are stating about the difficulties issues that they are facing in completing the raid task. Here in the blog, we are providing a specific workaround to counter Delibird easily in the raid. Make sure you read the blog cautiously to avail of the best outcome.


Delibird is both Flying-Ice type Pokémon, who is red in color with white spots; thus, it resembles the Santa. It seems that Niantic created this Pokémon, especially for the Pokémon Go holiday event. Delibird is a Tier 3 raid boss with a whopping 8,791 CP, and his attacks mostly include Icy Wind and Ice Punch.  The game also includes the shiny version of Delibird, whose feathers are in purple color.

How to Counter Delibird

We all know that Delibird is a combination of both ice/fire type, which benefits it to resist the Fire attack easily; thus, its flying ability stands it alone among other ice-type Pokémon. Players should use Rock-type Pokémon against Delibird, and there are several rock-type Pokémon options in Pokémon Go such as Landorus, Rampardos, Terrakion, and Tyranitor.

These all are the most strong Rock-type Pokémon, and players should use their Rock Slide and Smack Down attacks. Instead of Rock-type Delibird also weak against Steel, Electric, and Fire attacks and is quite strong against Ground, Bug, and Grass-type Pokémon. Players can use rock, Steel, or Electric-type Pokémon, but it is highly recommended to use Rock-type because Delibird gets double weak against them.

How to Find Delibird Outside Raid

Players can easily catch Delibird through raids, but most likely, there must be several players who would like to catch it in the outside world. Players can locate Delibird in the Wild areas, and it will be highly favorable if there try to find it in some snowy location. Once players encounter it successfully, then they need to use any of their best Rock-type Pokémon against them.


Players who will complete this raid task will attain several rewards, so it is suggested to get Delibird by accomplishing the raid. Although this Pokémon Go Holiday event acquires a few more ice-type Pokémon such as Abomasnow, Delibird is a unique Pokémon with several special abilities. We hope that this blog will help you to accomplish your purpose, in case you are new to the Pokémon Go and want to explore its world, then you can play this game on any Android or iOS devices.

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