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Pokémon Go: How to Counter Abomasnow in Raids

Everybody is celebrating Christmas in their own way, and the gaming industry is also following this festival trend. Recently we have seen several games with the inclusion of holiday events, and thus Pokémon Go has released their Holiday Research Tasks along with ice Pokémon.

We all are familiar with the raid aspects of Pokémon Go, and players often face difficulty in countering the raid Pokémon. This time they have brought an ice Pokémon in Pokémon Go new included raids.

Pokémon Go: How to Counter Abomasnow in Raids

Abomasnow is an ice Pokémon, and players need to tackle it in order to complete winter raids. Although countering Abomasnow is not hard, but several players are stating about the difficulty in accomplishing this task.

Thus below, we have prepared a proper workaround that will favor the players who are dealing with difficulty in countering Abomasnow and make sure that you read the workaround careful to avail the best outcome.


Abomasnow is both grass/ice-type Pokémon with a whopping CP, which is 24,082. The Pokémon can execute multiple moves such as Ice, Grass, and also Dragon-type, and players can locate it at the 20th level. Blizzard and Razor Leaf are two prominent attacks that can reduce DPS up to 10. Apart from that, there are several weak aspects of Abomasnow that players can use against it.

These weak aspects include the Fire-type Pokémon because it gets double damage if a fire-type attack on it. Players need to use a strong fire type Pokémon to thrash out it quickly out of the arena. Players can go with several options such as Moltres, Blaziken, Chandelure, Entei, and Heatran. Players can also go with the option of HO-Oh, or they can try any strong fire Pokémon from their lineup.

Apart from Fire Abomasnow also gets weaken in front of Steel, Rock, Poison, Flying, and bug type and is pretty strong against Water, Grass, Ground, and Electrictype Pokémon. It is highly suggested to use fire type Pokémon, but you can go with the other mentioned types of Pokémon, and the player needs to ensure the attacks that Abomasnow can also dodge.

How to Find Abomasnow

The scenario of this blog has already accomplished above. However, there must be several players who will be keen to catch Abomasnow from outside raids, and thus, we have also gathered the information about Abomasnow location. Players need to locate Abomasnow in the Wild area, or they can head to the Route 9 section. Players need to head to this location to encounter Abomasnow, and once they encounter it, then they need to use the above discussed weak aspect against it.


In the blog, we have shared two best ways to catch Abomasnow in Pokémon GO, however, catching it via raids seems best because it will attain you a reputation of accomplishing the raids task along with several essential raid rewards. We hope that this blog will serve your purpose completely if you are new to the world of Pokémon Go and want to attain its gaming experience, then you can play it on any Android or iOS devices.

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