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What is Kurio Watch and Why Buy It?

It is basically a smartwatch that is made for the younger generation. It has plenty of features such as an in-built camera for games as well as applications that kids adore. The most popular feature that made it very popular among kids is pairing the Kurio to any of the phones.

What is Kurio Watch and Why Buy It?

For knowing about Kurio Watch on much more depth, you need to go through this blog carefully.

In the first look, the Kurio might look big, but it doesn’t seem bad after all the big structure gives a proper size for the watch display. So the kid wearing it shall not probably dislike it.

The strap of it fits so nicely fitted that children find it comfortable having it all time.

Its looks can give a great challenge to the rest of the smartwatches as it has bright five different color straps available in the market. The feature that makes it different is that its colors change due to change in the temperature.

Connection and Ports

The Memory Card area and the Power switch is located on the right-hand side. We suggest that you get a Memory card as 256MB is space is sufficient for supporting the in-built features and applications. Always remember that the recharging port always situated on the left-hand side.

It is simple to connect with any other Kurio or smartphone with the help of Bluetooth. Its weak part is only one, and that is Kurio does not guide while writing as well as a connection for iOS devices.

User Interface

It is simple to navigate and pretty responsive too. The option switches are small, but if learned properly about it in one go, then it will not be hard to use. Although the structure can be a bit better. However, according to the like of the child, themes can be set as there are a lot of themes present on it.

The Entertaining Part

Not only Kurio’s awesome features but also the game of it makes it popular all over. These two things are more than enough for children to go for it. No doubt, there is hardly any child who will not like a wrist camera. Mostly all kids have that type of camera in their wish list of Christmas.

But at the same time, it gets a bit difficult to capture anything except a selfie picture.

This smartwatch has a 0.3 MP camera that can take photos and videos. The images are blurred except the selfie, and It doesn’t make a good video also.

So children should ensure that there is proper light while capturing any photo.

The point that you should not neglect is that this smartwatch is for kids so made only for entertainment purposes. Hence, it should not be compared with adult smartwatches.

Application as Well as Gaming Stuff

It includes plenty of applications and games too. It has to start from song player to calculator and so on. It got most of its fame due to the translator application and the emergency option on it.

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