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The New Mutants: Second Official Trailer Releasing in January

More than two years have passed since the original release date of The New Mutants. Now, it is finally getting its new trailer in the forthcoming month January as confirmed by the director Josh Boone. The film will be based on The New Mutant comic produced by Marvel, and you will see a squad of young mutant kids kept in a secret place. It will be the last instalment from the 20th Century Fox studio and X-Men franchise after the Fox and Disney deal.

In the movie’s cast, you will see popular young actors and actress. Maisie Williams (from Game of Thrones) is playing the role of Wolfsbane, Anya Taylor-Joy from The Witch playing as Magik, and Charlie Heaton from Stanger Things as Cannonball. The Fault in Our Stars is one of the most popular films, directed by Josh Boone. According to the rumours and critics, the film might be the darkest movie in the entire X-Men film series due to troublesome production, dozens of reshoots, forgotten project and delayed release date.

The New Mutants: Second Official Trailer Releasing in January

When the project was handed to Disney, no one was expecting the movie’s development due to lack of the updates and official news for the film. Recently, a question of fan received the response from the director Josh Boone, and he replied that the movie’s official trailer would be out in January. Actually, Josh Boone posted some content on his Instagram, and he also responded to one of the fan’s comment.

Officially there is already a trailer for The New Mutant which was released back in October 2017, since then there is nothing about the film. No Official news, update, clip, interview, and even rumours were also inactive. As the release date is coming closer, there were no updates about the movie a week back. Most of the fans were doubting on the existence of the film. Even Black Widow, an upcoming MCU film’s trailer is out and The New Mutant will be releasing before Black Widow.

According to the reports, previews and final testing ended pretty well. The film is almost done, and it will be more in the Horror category. As per the official statements the film was firstly postponed due to the release of Deadpool 2 at the same time, which might have ruined the box office records. It was originally intended to release on January 2018 but was pushed one more year on February 2019.

However, they postponed the film one more time saying that the reason is the release of Dark Phoenix at the same time. Then they set August 2, 2019, as the final release date, but due to some problems, the pushed it once again by claiming April 2020 as the final release date.

This time they might not play the push back game again, because if they do it again, the film will get no response from the fans as they are already disappointed. As the director claims about the releasing the second Official trailer of the film in January, it is clear that movie might finally get released in April 2020. Let’s see what they have done in these past years.

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