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1917 Trailer: The Major Awards Contender

The trailer of 1917 of Universal is released, and it seems like a major award contender. After the week of the release of the 1917’s trailer, Universal has increased its marketing and will not stop until the movie drops wide all over the country on 10th January 2020. The film is about the two British soldiers in World War I who have been elected for the important mission to cross the path of enemies and deliver the message to avoid the attack. However, if they failed to do, then thousands of men will die and one of the soldier’s brother too.

1917 Trailer: The Major Awards Contender

1917 has been directed by Sam Mendes as well as co-written the movie with Krysty Wilson-Cairns. Early review and reactions from the audience have declared it as an Oscar contender, basically for its cinematography and other technical work in the film. Till now it had been nominated for Golden Globe nominations including Great Original Score, Best Director, and great Motion Picture.

1917 is going to release in some cities on 25th December. One week before the debut, when the Universal has introduced its last trailer. The trailer has everything to watch, and there will be no shortage of amazing shots, including one scene where two soldiers face an explosion.

The casting of the movie comprises Colin Firth, Claire Duburcq, Mark Strong, Richard Madden, Andrew Scott and Benedict Cumberbatch. In terms of showing intensity and thriller of action, the trailer focus on praises that film has expected. The year’s end has been a busy time for fighting for the audience and awards attention. The movie has been stood out as a well-reviewed film. The positive reception and the status of Mendes and other actors have been involved, which will surely increase the success of the movie at the box office.

1917 has a characteristic of getting featured on American film Institute’s Best and National Board of Review of 2019. It has been nearly nominated for some Oscars including Best Picture looking and Best Cinematography. Mendes is one of the competitions for Best director. However, the Oscars nomination will not be revealed until 13th January, so, for now, it will be still an assumption. Although depending on the buzz and the Oscars past expect 1917 will surely be the impact. It presents the epic adventure that may leave the audiences excited, and it would not be extended when the public will start feeling the same.

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