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Bond 25: No Time To Die Trailer Complete Breakdown

The promise that Bond will back has finally been fulfilled as the trailer of the upcoming film No Time to Die has been released. The film have been hyped as it will feature Daniel Craig one last time as Bond. James Bond series has retained Daniel four times before, and there were a lot of rumors that stated that Daniel would not be featured as Bond anymore.

Bond 25: No Time To Die Trailer Complete Breakdown

The trailer has ensured the fans that Bond’s action level is reaching greater heights and the cameos of beautiful Martin cars will be retained as well. However, No Time to Die also obtained another eye-catching title of 25, meaning that it is the 25th film of the series. Below we have gathered all the specific information of the story that this new bond film will feature.

Replacement For 007

One of the Glimpse from the trailer stated that Lashana Lynch is an MI6 agent and has worked for them for two years.  Several news and rumors stated that she will be the new 007 and will replace Mr. Bond; however, that would have burned series’ famous tagline “Bond, James Bond.”

Nomi says, ” The One That Works.”

Bond and Nomi characters having different traits alongside their notorious fights and rivalry is adored by fans. The trailer shows the scene Nomi shooting a bullet in Bond’s Knee and saying “The One That Works,” and the scene clearly states the audience that Mr. Bond post 007 will soon given to Nomi which is portrayed by Ms.Lashana Lynch.

Bond will Retire

Although Daniel Craig has retired in the bond series film several times this time, the trailer has confirmed the retiring news. The trailer features a glimpse which states Mr. Craig is enjoying at a lakeside resort, and He is no more indulged in detective services of MI6.

Felix Offers Mission to James

Felix Leiter is back again in this film, and those who are not familiar with him should know that he is a companion of James, who worked In CIA. They have a friendship bond, which is also retained in the film, and Mr. Leiter asks James for help.

World War

The glimpse from the trailer depicts that the Oscar-winning actor MR. Rami Malek is playing Safin, who has brought the consequences and conflict between several countries. is clearly asserting the scheme of Safin ( Rami Malek), and this will be the mission for Bond to save the world.

Madeleine is a Rogue

The ending of the Spectre 2015 shows that Bond and his partner Madeleine is spending a quality time beneath the sunset in a car. However, one of the glimpses of No Time to Die trailer shows a whole new conflict in which Mr. Bond is blaming Madaleine of selling him out. He also says that he would never know about her secrets. Now, we all know that how these trailers often make fools, so rather believing in Madaleine being the rogue fact, it is better to wait for the film to witness the truth.

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