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How to View HEVC or HEIC Files in Windows 10

The HEIF or “High-Efficiency Image File Format” and HEVF “High-Efficiency Video Codec” specialization file or Video formats provide a better quality of images and video formats for Windows 10. The former deals with the picture quality over various older versions of file formats like GIF, PNG, JPEG, etc. It also works for the improvement of image file compression.

How to View HEVC or HEIC Files in Windows 10

The second one deals with the betterment of the video qualities and it was Apple who started this initiative.

Activating HEIF Support

In case you don’t have the extension of the HEIF file, then your “Photos” application will offer a separate link for its access and take you to a particular page of Microsoft Store. This will provide this underpaid accessibility version, but numerous websites are providing a free and open version of the particular HEIF format.

Follow these instructions to install the HEIF:

  1. First of all, launch your “Web Browser.”
  2. After that, use the “HEVC extension” MS Store link.
  3. Now, hit the “Get” tab there.
  4. Next, tap the option “Open Microsoft Store” tab.
  5. Then, hit the “Install” option.
  6. Now, use the Microsoft Store “HEIF extension” link.
  7. Next, hit the “Get” tab there.
  8. After that, tap on the option “Open Microsoft Store.”
  9. Then, hit the “Install” option.
  10. Now, you have to follow onscreen instructions, and from then, it will enable you to see the encoded files through HEIF container with various images or other supporting applications.

Fixing HEIF issues in Windows – 10

If you have codecs on your system and still you are unable to see videos and images through the “Photos” application, then it requires to reset the whole package.

Follow these steps to reset the package:

Reforming HEIF Extension

  1. First and foremost, hit the “Settings” to launch.
  2. After that, tap on the “Apps and Features” option.
  3. Then, navigate to the “Apps and Features” panel and then tap on the “HEIF Image Extensions” option.
  4. Now, hit the option “Advanced.”
  5. Then, you have to hit the “Reset” tab.
  6. Now, tap on “Reset” once more.

When you finish these points, shut the “Photos” application and then launch your desired picture once more.

Reforming HEVC Extension

If you wish to troubleshoot the “HEVC” extension on your Windows 10, then you should abide these instructions:

  1. First of all, launch “Settings.”
  2. Then, tap on “Apps and Features” options.
  3. Next, hit the option “HEVC Video Extensions from device Manufacturers.” It will be under section “Apps and Features.”
  4. Then, tap the option “Advanced.”
  5. Now, hit the “Reset” tab.
  6. Finally, you have to tap on “Reset” again.
  7. Once finishing the above steps, shut the “Photos” application and try to launch the video with HEIF container.

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